Sunday, November 11, 2012

Don't Tell Him No! #SixSunday from Lethal Limits

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Welcome to the Lethal Limits is FREE Edition of 

Six Sentence Sunday! 

Spy Games: Lethal Limits is celebrating it's last day of footloose and fancy FREE status on Amazon today (Nov 11) so I'm going to offer you six sentences of the goodness that is Jake Anderson.

The set-up: Secret Agent Jake Anderson loves his life as a spy and a man whore, and appreciates the simple, finer things in life. He's been given a long weekend to go home, and since his new partner, Tia Richards, is the only woman who can make him forget his love for his best friend's wife. Jake decides to invite her home with him.  His ego is wounded, though, when she shoots him down. 

Six Sentences from Spy Games: Lethal Limits

No? The charm that worked luring women to his bed didn’t seem to be effective with Tia and it pissed him off. “Why the hell not? I’m offering horses and a proper orgasm. I could book a hundred women for this weekend on that alone.”

"Then book it, Tex."

What do you think? Poor Jake isn't used to being told no. Go scoop up that luscious bad boy and see how he finally convinces the spunky Tia to go with him. You'll be surprised what it takes to win her affection for a weekend, and then finally win her heart!

Go get your smut on at Amazon!

And then you can....

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Mackenzie Crowne said...

LOL gotta love a good shoot down. Nice job, Mia.

kristalbaird said...

I just love this. It will having him sitting up and begging

Lyric James said...

Oh! Nothing like turning a man down to hook him in.

Unknown said...

Perfect way to get him to come to her - good girl!

If you'd like to read my six sentences, here's my link... it's a bit naughty this week:

Ann Q said...

Am reading this book at the moment, and, it is great.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much, Ann Q!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks Mackenzie! Poor Jake gets shot down a lot by Tia. He's just not used to that treatment!

Unknown said...

Thanks, Kristal! He does try begging, too. Well, as much as he begs for anything. LOL

Lyric, YES, my thought exactly! Poor Tia doesn't want to hook him, though. She just wants the man whore benefits. LOL

Paloma, sexy six this week!!! Great job.

Anonymous said...

is there away to get your books somewhere else besides Amazon? I am talking about Birthday games and Lethal Limits. I have a Sony e-reader.


Melanie J

PS - I do love your books! ;)

Unknown said...

Hi Melanie! Lethal Limits isn't available anywhere but Amazon until 1/11/13, and then it will be at The Wild Rose Press, B&N and other sites. Birthday Games I also have on Amazon until January, and I'll offer wide. If you email me, though, I'll send you Birthday Games.

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