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Three Book Boyfriends...Which Will You Choose...

All female readers have a book boyfriend, even if they don't admit to it. He's that special someone that steals your heart from page one and you hate him just a little for hooking up with his true love because damn it, it should be YOU! And guys, before you gag down the bile at the thought of a book boyfriend, I'll post Spy Games book girlfriends (complete with an obligatory sex bunny) for you in the next post.

The three heroes from my Spy Games series are very different despite two of them being brothers. Chase Sanders is Jake Anderson's boss and best friend, and the two are as different as night and day. The two together are a lethal combination destined to make any girl swoon! Jake's youngest brother, Aaron, has a warped sense of humor and is eye candy in his own right. I've already had fans battling about Team Chase vs. Team Jake. Now we have to see  if Aaron is man enough to stage a coup attempt on the boys, or if he'll be content to hold his own when Endgame releases in spring of 2012. 

Here are the prompts:

Hair color and style: I personally gravitate to dark-haired heroes, since I'm strawberry blonde, but each of the Spy Games heroes have something different to offer the ladies! Chase Sanders is the spy boss and he's sporting short, jet-black hair he likes to spike. When he first meets Kate, he's undercover so he's got a touch of gray to make him look older. Agent Jake Anderson is a blond and wears his hair a little longer in the front, shorter in the back. He's not afraid to mix things up with a disguise of facial hair, either. Jake's brother, actor Aaron Anderson, looks enough like Jake to be his twin but has darker brown hair. In the start of Endgame, Aaron has shoulder-length hair since he just got off doing a medieval set movie.

Eye color and facial features: I love dimples! Chase sports one in is right cheek and he knows just how to use it to make the ladies melt. He's a little too pretty to be a spy, and unfortunately, his good looks have the ladies (and some men) remembering him easily. Both Jake and Aaron have blue eyes and rugged features, and both can blend with the crowd or stand out as needed. I love stubble and a strong jaw, but sometimes they do have to shave for work. 

Height and body type: I have a secret--I'm tall, and I like my men tall, too. It's easier for me to visualize my heroes in delicious positions with heroine, so I tend to make her tall, too. Chase and Aaron are both 6' 1" and are muscular but lean. Jake is 6' and built like a football player, with lots of muscle. Of the three, Aaron is a little unique. He's had to wax his chest hair for the last movie, so he's model bare! None of them have tattoos. Chase and Jake are afraid of needles, and Aaron's agent would have a fit.

Visible age: The guys are all in their 30's, with Aaron and Chase at 31/32, and Jake is 35. Personally, I like older men and plan to write older at some point.

Bangability? Kinky? Bi? Etc?: Oh hell, yes to all! The guys are all kinky devils! Chase is probably the darkest in bed--very dominant, a little sadistic, a whole lot of kinky. Jake loves role-play and is into kink big-time, but he likes to have fun, too. He runs on the dominant side but didn't seem to mind when Tia tied him up once. Jake and Chase are more than happy to team up for a night of m/f/m pleasure. I also think Jake would go bi for Chase, but respects his best friend's issues. Aaron is new to the sex scene. He was on a fast track to priesthood until he realized it wasn't his calling, so he has a lot to learn to catch up to his brother's legendary status. But he's more than eager to be whatever Charlotte needs him to be--submissive, dominant or kinky. 

Interests: The spy boys have many interests. Both Chase and Jake speak several languages for their job. Both are into guns (Chase more so, he collects them) and love trucks. Chase has a '65 Ford Mustang Shelby in candy apple red with black stripes. Jake is an avid reader, which is a good thing since he logs so many hours on a plane. Aaron loves to research things on the Internet and is a bit of a geek. He definitely likes to read and he has an antique car that needs restoring. Since he was once in the seminary, Aaron believes in volunteer work and spent time in Haiti.

Human or Alien or Shifter?: They're all human, every inch of them. They'd be happy to prove it, too!

Paranormal skills: Not these guys!

Natural habitat: Unfortunately, Chase's habitat is behind a desk at headquarters, but he'd rather spend it on the shooting range, running or in the water. Jake gets to travel a lot, so he spends a lot of time on a plane, but his favorite place to be is on horseback, riding his beloved horses. Aaron's acting job keeps him on location. He spent the last film in England, filming at a castle, but he loved the on-location shots for his spy film the best.

Special skills: The guys are very handy! Chase was a sniper in the service and Jake was a fighter pilot. Both can wire bombs (though it's not Jake's strong suit) and rig up secret things a spy might need. Jake grew up on a ranch and can rope cattle with the best of them. Aaron also grew up on the ranch and can ride, but prefers a dirt bike. He also competed in archery through college, falling just short in the Olympic trials.

And the obligatory Man Candy: 

If you haven't met him, this is David LeBare! He's very talented as a model and dancer, very handsome and very nice! The picture is from his facebook page (you can see the photographer's credit on the photo) so I don't own it. But I love the dark hair and eyes, the devilish smile, and MAN, what's not to love about those abs! 

What do you like in a book boyfriend? I'd love to know! 

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Are You Feeling Lucky? Blog Jump with @MiaDowning007

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Welcome to the Lucky In Love Blog Hop! 

Is there luck involved when it comes to love? Chase Sanders, the hero from Spy Games: Trained for Seduction thinks so, only he's under the impression Lady Luck has something against him. He's tried love before and failed miserably, so when Kate Wells enters his life, he's cursing Lady Luck for dangling someone so perfect yet absolutely off limits for him under his nose...  

Jake Anderson from Spy Games: Lethal Limits doesn't believe in any of that luck crap. He's hot, the ladies want a piece of him--fact. Pure and simple. Who is he to deny them the goods?  Deep down, though, Jake had love and lost it all, and his heart can't take that again. So when he meets Tia, he tries to deny there might be a second chance...

Finally, Charlotte Smith doesn't have time to believe in love at all. She has a score to settle with very bad men, and there's no luck involved in any of it. It's all skill, training and determination. But her newest assignment involves guarding Aaron James, Jake's hot younger brother and she can't decide if luck is for her or against her by tossing her into his arms. 

So what about you? Is there any luck in love, or is it all fate? 

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