Twisted Luck

"Highly entertaining with a smart, sly heroine who uses her head as well as her luck when she finds herself in a sticky situation. I appreciate that in a heroine. So much."

Spy Games Series
Trained for Seduction
Book 1

"I have read some amazing books lately, but this is the first one in a long time that has so completely blown me away. And the thing is, it was an immediate thing...10% into this book, I knew it was going to be an incredible read. This is one of those books where you HATE to see that you are getting close to the end because you don't want it to end. So good!!!"

"I have a HUGE Book Hangover! HUGE! I’m still reeling from reading this book and I can’t find another one to read! I desperately want to read the next one in this series, but since it doesn’t publish until November, I’ll have to wait. DAMMIT!"

Birthday Games 
Book 1.5

"This is actually book 1.5 between Trained for Seduction and Lethal Limits. A sexy little novella to help give you some backstory between Jake and Kate. After the mission in Trained for Seduction, Chase, Jake and Kate could use a little fun...and um W.O.W. they do get it in these spicy little novella. It's short, but packs a seriously hot punch that will leave you breathless."

Lethal Limits
Book 2

"These are two wounded people who are made for each other but it takes them some time to figure that out and it's such a great ride getting to see them fall for each other. They both work as spies, so trust is something that they have to work really hard to get to, especially for these two."

"If you are looking for some smut-suspense with a great story, then you should definitely read LETHAL LIMITS - it will fulfill your need for the sexy spy world you crave."

Book 3
Reviews to come! 


Exceeding Boundaries

"What an amazing book. Sexy while still incredibly emotional. Megan works at the same law firm as man whore Adam and she's decided that he's just the cure she needs to get over her sexual anxiety that she's been battling since she was raped in high school. What she doesn't realize is that his man whore persona is just a ruse to keep women at bay after the sudden death of his wife two years ago."

"Emotional story with both characters hoping for different things, but as Megan gets closer to Adam she realizes she wants the same but is afraid he will see her as damaged goods."


"RIPPED by Mia Downing is one heavy heart felt read. I was led into the lives of childhood best friend’s who’d lived through the ups and downs together."

"Okay, it's official...Mia Downing now holds the spot as my favorite author who writes emotional angst. This book broke my heart with the depth of feeling between these two guys."

Just Ask 

"JUST ASK is, in my opinion, the best book written by Mia Downing to date. If you love a sweet, gay-for-you story that is heavy on plot and light on kink (by her own description), then this is definitely a romance you will want to read."

"This is a really good book. It has the insta-love vibe but the way it is written makes everything flow smoothly where it does not feel rushed at all. Ryan and Jordan are the perfect main characters. I don't normally enjoy gay-for-you books and this is definitely that. However, the author made this seem plausible with Jordan without the normal issues that I read in other books." 

Switching Leads
"Everything about this story resonated with me. The emotions felt true and valid. I love a bit of angst and this book had it in spades. I love the college setting for the entire book just because colleges have such a fantastic vibe to them, but I also really loved that both these mc's were a bit older than college students. It made for an incredible story...both with the back story and the depths of the current stories for both of these guys. I loved this one!"

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