Thursday, January 21, 2021

Mia is No Longer M.I.A.

Mia is no longer M.I.A. 
And a Game of: How Lazy is Mia?

What's up with you, reader friend? If you don't care how lazy I am, or where I've been, just jump on down to the A NEW SERIES ON THE HORIZON section to get the scoop on what's new! 

So first, a game. How lazy am I? 

I dumped a bunch of a prescription in the bottom of my box where the pills live. And I was SO lazy, I just said, eh. And proceeded, for a month, to fish one as needed off the bottom of the plastic box. I have officially reached the end of the bottle and need to order more, and the haze of laziness has lifted. I might do great things now. 

So...tell me in the comments: How lazy are YOU? 

So, Mia, what have you been up to, you ask? (You can tell me what you're up to in the comments, too!)

After the release of Twisted Luck, I took a break. I found out my mom's cancer had spread so that we were now looking at months instead of years. Those months became weeks, then days...then that was it.

The one thing I did that took up a lot of time and effort was to go back and finish my bachelor's degree. I had thought about it before my mom had died. I ended up with a Paralegal certificate, and then after an internship, I landed a really good job. Then, I graduated in January 2020 with a 4.0, Summa Cum Laude.

So fast forward to the beginning of COVID, which started to spiral here in CT on my birthday. My job sent us home, and the writer's block that had been stopping me from writing finally ended. I've been writing since.

I am happy to report I finished one book in 2020 and just finished my first of 2021 today ! Color me all sorts of happy! 


So...this series doesn't have a title yet, but I have two books. It's set in a whole different world than what I usually write, and it features some light magical fun with time travel in a non-conventional way. The heroines are kick-ass, the heroes are scrumptious, and the world they live in is intriguing! 

Book One: Skye and Marek

Tentative title: Chasing Time Contemporary single title with magical elements.

One fated jump through time destroyed Marek Young’s life…

I have only one mission—make my wife love me again. Except the aloof bookstore clerk and grad student is no longer my wife. Jumping through time has changed her, and she grew up in this era with no memory of our adventures...or me. I have a month to win her back before I run out of time and die. Unfortunately, she’s always had a temper. If she discovers what I did to ground us here, she’ll kill me anyway.

Skye Worthington’s quest for the truth brings more than she bargained for…

My already turbulent life flips upside down the moment Marek Young appears. Nightmares from my childhood give way to sexy dreams of a man in leather pants who gives me what no other man has. As Marek is a client of the bookstore where I work, I can’t really say no when he asks me to dinner. I didn’t expect the pull of desire or the sizzle of familiar energy the first time we touched, but I need more than satisfaction. I need the truth. Yet the truth he offers seems too bizarre to believe…

Book Two: Aria and Jax

Tentative title: Freezing Time

Book Three: Lily and Dillon 

Tentative title: Making Time

Book Four: Raine and... We'll have to see! 

That's all for now! See ya soon!