Saturday, April 2, 2016

More About Twisted Luck #amwriting

I have been a busy beaver in the past few weeks and I'm thrilled to say I actually have author news. 

Don't faint. A hunk will be around with smelling salts for your safety.

First, I'm excited to announce Juno Publishing has approached me and my publisher about translating at least five books into French. The expected release is 2016/2017. 

I'm so excited about this. A friend is published with them and loves working with their staff. Her covers are fabulous. I'm thrilled and honored to think a country wants to read what I write in their native language. 

The second, is I've FINALLY finished a novel.  (Again, don't faint. Mr. Sexy will be around again, I promise.) 

It's so different than what I usually write, and I'm so thrilled. The beta readers have had glowing reviews. It's m/f paranormal contemporary in 1st person, and I have no clue when it will be released since I'm trying something a little different. But here's the blurb and a picture of Leo for your enjoyment.

Twisted Luck 

All I wanted was luck. Now that he owns my soul, I’m going to need it.

Olivia Denning has had crappy luck. She’s lost her job, some jerk emptied her bank account, and she caught her best friend screwing her fiancĂ©. A pity party leads to a little too much tequila and a steamy encounter with the hottest figment of a man her mind has ever conjured. The next day, she wakes to discover she's won an all-inclusive trip, the bank has tracked down the thief, and oh yeah... Mr. Figment is real, he's about to become family, and he's purchased her soul for the price of luck...the good kind. 

Her soon-to-be stepbrother, Leo Weston, is a sexy, soul-stealing scoundrel in cahoots with his father. Olivia's mother is next on the demon duo's exclusive list of pure souls, and time is running out. Unfortunately, Olivia is forced to go deep under the sheets with Leo until she can find a way to save her mother from the same fate. But one taste of his brand of heady sin had gotten her to sell her soul...will the luck she gained in the bargain be enough to save her mother and protect her heart?


Let me know what you think! Bacon for everyone!