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Keeping the Prose Active

You'd think something as active as sex would call for a host of really good words, but yet erotic romance writers seem to get stuck in the same host of inactive words that don't lend anything to their writing. I fall victim to this as well. 

Every book it seems my editor finds some new weak or repetitive word that drives her insane and leads to a herd of red scratches and little comment boxes. The last email I sent of a scene for her to look at was returned, pointing out I had used the word brush four times (ack!) Another time it was the word suck (in my defense, it was  blowjob, and the word was part of the discussion.) It's also really hard to come up with alternate body part words, seeing there are two main active parts in all of this excitement, unless it's a menage, then there could be a host of fun parts, but still lacking on the variety.

So what words should you look for in your manuscript to keep the evil red scratches and comment boxes at bay? Here's a list I use. Ready? Go.

The first big search/delete: THAT--95% are removable without changing sentence structure/meaning

Basic Verbs:
Push, look, gaze, press, pull, move, bring, brought, was (you can't avoid all of them, but you can most)

Move and look of the above are pet peeves of my editor's.

Eh: He moved toward her.
Better: Stalked? Ambled? Tip-toed? Stampeded? Flew like a flying squirrel?

Eh: He looked at the volcano.
Better: He snapped his attention toward the flaming, spewing volcano.

Repetitive body parts:

Body, body parts, any buzz word that is a body part

Overusing the body parts is a hard one, because there are only so many parts doing the action. Hands, fingers, mouth, lips...there are only so many ways to vary using them, but vary you must. Seeing the same words over and over feels repetitive to the reader and gives the sex scene a Slot A/Tab B feel. The key is to get creative with how you word the various actions. Some examples...

Body is a pet peeve thanks to an editor friend.

Eh: He moved his body toward her hand. (I was sneaky and got two in.)
Yeah!: He arched his hips, shoving his aching, hard shaft into her willing hand. (Oooh, baby.)

Buzz words: Yep, the names for the naughty but fun parts. Penis and vagina sound clinical. It's hard to vary, but try not to use cock twenty times on a page, six times in a sentence. Womb is not a good choice, since it makes people think of babies, and when you're smexing (unless you're smexing to make babies) it's not a good thing.

Passive/telling words to avoid:

Thought, knew, felt, that, because, now, saw, watched, noticed, heard, thought, knew, decided, realized

These are all words that tell instead of show. Telling is a horrible trap to get into. Yes, I'm telling a story, but showing how the character feels is much more inviting to the reader. Here are some examples. 

Eh: I felt scared. 

Better: Terror raced up my spine. 

Eh: I saw the alien ship land. 

Better: Holy shit, an alien ship landed and they are making crop circles in my field! (They better not, I'd be angry.) 

If you're like me, now you're whining and tired. That's a lot of searching! But your story will be better for it, and your readers will thank you.

A Moment to say THANK YOU! 

It's hard to believe Just Ask was released two weeks ago to Amazon, and I'm so grateful to everyone who has supported me in every way. It's been hanging around the top 20 GBLT lists for over a week, and has been in the top 100 since the debut weekend. That means a lot of thanks are needed to be offered up because I'm grateful for every second of this fabulous ride. 

So...Thanks to the GBLT community, for being special, open, wonderful people. Thank you to the many m/m authors who have given me great stories to read and dream about, sparking my own ideas. 

Thanks to the ARC readers and reviewers! Thank you friends and fans (my family is blissfully unaware of my smut writing capabilities. Except my sister.) Thanks to the inner ring of friends who have to hook up the IV tequila/coffee lines and who listen to me complain about running out of coffee and tequila on a regular basis (I'm not that difficult, really.) 

Lastly, thank you Diana Carlile, my editor and cover artist. She dared me to write it, so I did. Sometimes dares are a good thing. 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

New Stuff #SundaySix Sentences

So this is a six sentence selection from a work in progress. Alone was a challenge project for The Erotic Enchants group on Good Reads (there's a link on my sidebar to join if you like erotic, book loving fun!) We had to work with a blurb and a cover either designed by ourselves or another member. I chose something my friend Bookie Nookie came up with, because it was dark, mysterious and a challenge. So far, it's definitely been a challenge to write! 

Skye Bellew has always been alone, right from the get-go. Bounced from foster home to foster home as a kid, she's always had to look out for number one. Yet, she dreams of a family somewhere far away and has searched for them without much luck. Enter Marek Young, a mysterious yet hotter-than-hell stranger, who vows he knows the truth about her past. He'll tell her everything, if she'll spend the weekend with him. She should want to run and hide, but she's unable to resist his magnetic pull. If she gives in, she might finally know the truth about her past, but is the price more than she's willing to pay? 

Six Sentences from Alone 

He closed the door and Skye sat before her knees buckled. Oh, my. So many emotions swirled, dancing with the lust, tangling with the shame of what she’d done. So many parts of her sang out, their voices like an unruly crowd in her mind, begging her to let him in, vowing this will be different despite how it all started. And yet, the voice that protested the loudest belonged to the scrappy girl, the orphan. No matter how sexy he was, Marek was not to be trusted, not for one minute.

For more reading goodness, visit: Six Sentence Sunday Website

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Black Friday Blog Feast! No Turkey Involved.

Welcome to the Black Friday Blog Hop!

Winners! I picked two since there was such an amazing response from everyone. Thanks for participating! 


To see the grand prize winners, visit Carrie Ann's blog hop at: Carrie Ann's Blog Hop Page

I hate Black Friday. I don't shop to begin with, so going out into a crowded store at midnight or even in daylight is beyond my comprehension. But if you're here, maybe you feel the same way! Why not get a little something special right here in the comfort of your home (or wherever you're hanging.)

All this talk of shopping makes me wonder if my characters like to shop. From the Spy Games Series: Kate Wells was raised in a very sheltered household by her crazy scientist father, so she is fascinated with the super centers and dollar stores. Chase Sanders likes to shop for guns and that's about it. Tia Richards loves sparkly things, and her hero, Jake, takes her on a special shopping trip or two. In Just Ask, my m/m, Ryan and Jordan shop at the Fiji market and pick up local fruits, fish and presents for Jordan to take home. However, I don't think any of them would dare to go out on Black Friday!

So on to the good stuff!!!!!

We have THREE grand prizes. You as a reader can go to EACH blog and comment with your email address and be entered to win. Yep, you can enter over 200 times!

Now what are those prizes?

1st Grand Prize: A Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet

2nd Grand Prize: A $75 Amazon or B&N Gift Card

3rd Grand Prize: A Swag Pack that contains paperbacks, ebooks, 50+ bookmarks, cover flats, magnets, pens, coffee cozies, and more! (USA only)

My prize: $10 Amazon Gift card and an e-copy of Just Ask, my newest m/m, or Exceeding Boundaries, (m/f.) 

To enter: Leave a comment and your email! You can tell me if you love Black Friday and your holiday shopping is done, or if you hates it, Precious. 

For the rest of the blog hop, jump on over toCarrie Ann's Blog Hops or Another Carrie Ann Link

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Sexy Ultimatum #SundaySix Sentences from Just Ask

Today we have a sexy ultimatum for our Six Sentence Sunday from my newest m/m release, Just Ask. 

The Set up: Jordan has just met his new business partner, Ryan, unexpectedly. Already on uneven footing, Jordan doesn't expect Ryan to swoop in with a dinner invitation with ultimatums. Talk about bossy! As powerful as Jordan is, he's fighting loving the fact that Ryan knows exactly what he wants and has no problem demanding it. 

Sunday Six from Just Ask

“You’re coming to talk to me about selling your portion of the island. It would be wise to humor me if you want me to listen to what you have to say. I can make this deal sit in court for years and years, so if I want you to show up naked, I suggest you do.” Ryan’s tone was soft, but his eyes glinted with blue steel. 

Jordan couldn’t remember the last time he’d been given an ultimatum, so this was another fucking first. The sizzle of anger paled in comparison to the jolt of desire singing along his nerves, one that joined with the fierce need to run right out and buy that blue shirt and khaki shorts. 

To purchase Just Ask: Amazon Buy Link

For more awesome Six Sunday offerings head over to:

Friday, November 16, 2012

Just Ask For A Great Read!

Just Ask was released on Amazon today! 

Even Kermit is excited, and it's exactly how I feel about this book coming out. I told myself I wasn't excited. I told myself it wasn't a big deal, but DANG, it's like Christmas crept up and bopped me on the head!

I'm going to give away 1 free copy to celebrate Just Ask's release. A great opportunity for you Nook or other e-reader owners who won't get a chance to enjoy this sweet but really sexy GFY story until Feb 2013!


When business mogul Jordan Hill inherits half of Bendura Island Resort, a posh vacation destination in the Fiji Islands, the will demands he release his half uncle's ashes somewhere on the island and that he indulge in a real vacation before he sells. As Jordan is reeling with grief and under good circumstances doesn't do vacations, especially if they include horses and looming volcanoes, he finds himself on uneven footing. The footing turns treacherous as Jordan realizes, for the first time in his life, he's attracted to a man--his new business partner.

For resort entrepreneur Ryan McCale, Bendura Island is a dream come true as well as his livelihood. He was warned Jordan would try to sell sight unseen, and after meeting him, there's no doubt the business shark has dollar signs in his eyes. But there's also vulnerability and desire in that chocolate gaze. Suddenly, Ryan's looking forward to showing Jordan the delights of the island and hoping to convince his new partner Bendura could be his dream, too.

This book is an erotic romance. It contains explicit language, hot m/m lovin', light kink, two gorgeous guys, horses, and an impending insurance nightmare of a volcano. Enjoy!


Beginning of the first chapter for Just Ask... 

This was a huge day of firsts for Jordan Hill and, for a man who had his shit together in an iron clad way, it was unnerving. First time on a horse—the beast swaying underneath him—being surrounded by fresh air and way too much early morning sunshine. The jungle and horse noises were loud, the moist, tropical heat oppressive until the breeze from the nearby Pacific Ocean kicked in.

The world around him smelled earthy from the overnight rainstorm, and everything was so green and vibrant, lush, so unlike Manhattan in late January. That concrete jungle he knew well and loved seemed boring and dim after this onslaught to his senses. For a guy with his shit together, it was almost too much.

Fuck you for dragging me here, Blake.

It was rude to curse the dead, but his half-uncle Blake was probably laughing his ass off right now on cloud nine. Jordan was here, for Blake, suffering the onslaught of firsts, trying not to break under the grief, struggling under the uneven mental footing, the world here on Bendura opposite of his safe one in New York.
But he would do anything for Blake and would do whatever his last wishes decreed, even if it meant traveling half way around the world to dispose of his ashes. Blake had purchased Bendura Island out of college with the money he’d inherited when his parents—Jordan’s grandmother and step-grandfather—had tragically died in a car accident.

A big time first, disposing of a loved one. Only his stupid asshole uncle hadn’t given specifications on that. He’d left a video will, and he’d jokingly said, “Dude, you’ll know where when you see it.” Great. That meant Jordan had to roam the island, looking for God knew what.

It pissed Jordan off. Fuck Blake for up and dying on him way too early. He wasn’t the usual half-uncle, being two years his senior and more of a brother. Blake should be here, exploring with him, laughing, joking. But instead, Jordan had a box of ashes, overwhelming grief, and half ownership of an island that he couldn’t convince himself to keep, even for Blake.

The hotel resort was also his, left to him in the will. And he had not a clue what to do with it all. Sell it, definitely. There was no way he could stick to Blake’s vision and do the place justice. Jordan’s calling was in buying companies and selling at a profit, taking broken, bleeding investments and nurturing them so he could pick them apart and sell the shiny pieces to the highest bidder.

There was a mention of a business partner, Ryan McCale, one he was to contact while here. But Jordan’s first order of business was to scout out where to deliver Blake’s ashes to rest. Hence the brown beast bobbing about between his legs.

He was one of five riders on this island excursion, joined by a family called the Murphys who had sort of adopted him the moment he landed at the resort hotel. Nice people with two older kids, not quite teens but old enough not to be annoying as all hell. Two guides rounded out the tour number, an attractive blonde in her early twenties who kept watch at the rear of the group from her spotted horse and a guy who led them all, probably near Jordan’s age, almost thirty.

Jordan rode immediately behind the head guide, a tall, nameless cowboy-type he’d expect to see in a desert with cactus and tumble weeds. Lean and powerful, he commanded the horse he rode with an iron fist on the reins. The blatant dominance radiating from his hard frame was a good thing, because the golden monster he rode was touched by the hand of Satan himself, probably weaned on the blood of demons.

Despite the rocky start when Jordan’s horse decided to eat a tree instead of following along, it seemed to be patient and not at all interested in the golden horse’s antics. He thought it because he couldn’t tell if the horse was a boy or a girl with a name like Brownie, and Jordan wasn’t checking for equipment.

But Jordan was relaxed in the saddle, liking the sway of his horse’s back as it meandered along the trail, the jungle vegetation giving way to breathtaking beach views before it sprouted up again—wild, spiny, and pokey all at the same time.

“Easy, boy,” Cowboy commanded, that deep drawl sending surprising, tingling fits along Jordan’s spine. Maybe the sensation stemmed from anticipation. Whenever Cowboy said something like that, the golden beast exploded in a fit of hooves and snorts.

Jordan glanced up, through his horse’s brown ears—hence the name, Brownie—and acknowledged another first of the trip. The cowboy in front of him intrigued Jordan in a way that left him uneasy and way too aware of everything the man did.

Jordan looked at men all the time, to assess how much they were worth, what they brought to the table, and then to calculate exactly what it would take to get whatever he wanted. This was the first time Jordan watched a man and thought maybe, just maybe, this guy had something he was missing and no amount of calculating would get it.

The cowboy sat his horse like a professional, not that Jordan would know how a professional cowboy would sit. It made him uneasy and…weirdly warm…to watch his ass grind in the saddle, encased in jeans, worn and faded, unlike Jordan’s stiff dark-blue ones. A red bandana hung out of the left pocket, waving like a flag that zeroed his attention back to the denim. Yep, Cowboy’s ass had logged as many miles in the saddle as Jordan had in his private jet. He’d bet half an island on it.

In his defense, where the fuck was he supposed to look? The man and horse were in front of him, for Pete’s sake, that golden demon so evil Jordan feared Brownie would join in and there’d be mutiny.
But still, the obsession made Jordan calculate how long it’d been since he’d gotten laid. Way too long, which was why a perfectly straight man would look at another man’s ass. It was that or too much fucking fresh air. Or grief.

Cowboy turned and flashed him a grin filled with even white teeth, a stark contrast to the deep tan of his face. He wore a baseball hat—a team Jordan hated—his shoulder length brown hair flowing from underneath, his neck protected from the sun. He was good-looking for a guy, clean-shaven with an intelligent gaze that scanned over Jordan’s head, his deep-blue eyes taking in the status of the rest of the group. He’d done this several times throughout the ride, but his blue eyes always rested on Jordan afterward, making him feel like he was the only one on that ride.

“How are you doin’,” Cowboy asked him in that deep Texas drawl of his, his piercing gaze sliding over Jordan’s form in a practiced scan, as if assessing his stability in the saddle. His gloved hand rested on the back of the saddle, a move Jordan considered brave, even for a professional.

“Good, thanks,” Jordan said, wishing he’d caught Cowboy’s name during introductions, but his mind had wandered off into business mode, calculating what horses had to cost in feed. That was a first, because his mind never wandered off, not when he had this much responsibility looming over him, so many decisions.
It had to be this avalanche of firsts tumbling down on him since arriving yesterday in Bendura. His first time on an island resort, first time on a real vacation, first time having to purchase his own damned jeans and boots to ride the damned horse.

Cowboy’s eyes hit on those boots, still properly positioned in the stirrups. “You might want to get your heel down a bit, out of Brownie’s side. Might be hard in new boots, though.”

“Do they break in?” He shoved on his heel, trying to get it down like Cowboy’s. It wasn’t working.

“Eventually.” Cowboy grinned. “They don’t sell the good ones at the resort boutique, though. You have to order those from the States.”

Yeah, he was going to run right out and buy good boots tomorrow. It was bad enough he had to shop for this outfit. He, Jordan Hill, head of a business empire, did not buy jeans and boots with pointy toes that could squish cockroaches into corners. But he’d needed them to go on the fucking trail ride. The part of him in touch with Blake’s ghost called him a snob, and that pissed him the fuck off, to be chastised by a ghost.
He was rich. People did this shit for him. But the whisper of Blake’s ghost reminded him Blake was just as rich and managed to remain human. Fuck him. Jordan snorted and the horse beneath him tossed his head, as if in agreement.

That’s right. Fuck you, Blake.

He tried to get his parents to come on this adventure, but they wouldn’t. His dad wasn’t well at the moment, and his mom was too stressed. His sister couldn’t get the time off from work, and his friend, Samantha, was swamped, too. So he was here, alone, wishing he hated every minute of it.

Cowboy turned back to him again, his grin encouraging. “You seem to be enjoying yourself.”

“You have a captive audience. It’s either enjoy myself or walk back.” Jordan winced, because he knew he sounded like a dick. Total asshole. He couldn’t help it. Grief seemed to do that to him.

“People itching to walk back don’t smile at their horses,” Cowboy observed.

Was he smiling? Maybe. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d smiled or laughed or instigated doing anything fun. His life was a dark black hole since Blake died three weeks ago.

“I’m glad Brownie isn’t contemplating mutiny with your horse.”

Cowboy belted out a deep, rolling laugh that echoed down to Jordan’s toes, one that drew warmth up his legs, covering him in a flush of something foreign. “Trigger is new to the island. It may take him a bit to get used to the flora and fauna here.”

“Where did he come from?”

“Texas. I have my brother ship horses when I need them.” Cowboy reined in the fractious Trigger and leaned over to lift a branch with a gloved hand so the beast could pass by without another smack. “Your horse won’t mind. He’s a seasoned pro.”

Ha! Brownie was a boy. “I didn’t catch your name earlier. I’m Jordan.”

“Ryan.” The gold horse exploded in a flash of hooves again, and Ryan’s hands were full.

Jordan sucked in a deep breath and swallowed a bug.

Ryan. Ryan McCale? Blake’s business partner?

“Easy, boy,” Ryan murmured.

Jordan wondered if Ryan said it to the horse or him as he coughed the bug back up. He narrowed his gaze on Ryan’s back. Cowboy didn’t seem to recognize his name, but a sneaking suspicion told him he’d found his new, short-term business partner completely by accident.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Spotlight on Close Contact!

Today I'm featuring a Spotlight on the newly released anthology

Close Contact!

Three smokin' hot, sporty stories 
by Cassandra Carr, Cindy Carr and Cristal Ryder

Sybarite Seductions link: Sybarite Seductions 

Hard-hitting contact sports don't have the only sexy professional athletes. Does the strength and grace of golf, tennis and fencing instructors extend to lustier activities? Find out as they turn these classic sports into full-contact steamy sessions.

Service Ace by Cassandra Carr

Callum Giovanni's professional tennis career is over. He's trying not to be bitter about it, even though it means teaching women more interested in not messing up their hair and nails than a good service. Then Adriana Macy appears, claiming to be a novice, but Callum knows there's more to her than meets the eye. How far does she want to take their personal match? The ball's in her court.

Up to the Hilt by Cynthia Carr

Olympic fencing wunderkind Sebastian Como is Rina Rogers’ last resort to find someone who can instruct her toward her own Olympic medal. All her other trainers have balked, saying she is too impulsive, too unmanageable, too everything. Sebastian recognizes her talent and tells her he'll take her all the way. But does that include his bed?

Playing Through by Cristal Ryder

A relationship is the last thing Lexie is looking for, especially one with a hot cowboy wanting golf lessons. It's all she can do to keep her focus on the game and off Jay’s hard muscled body and devilishly sexy face. But the more lessons they have, the farther his sexy drawl gets under her skin.

Does he feel the attraction, too? Mother Nature forces them to seek shelter as the power of nature lets loose around them. Will they go primal and unleash their attraction for one another amidst the rawness of the Rocky Mountains?

Excerpt from Cassandra Carr's Service Ace

Cal and Adriana enjoyed a fun dinner, their flirting progressing as the meal went on. She needed to make her move, especially since Cal seemed to share her interest. He paid for the meal and they left. Once at the car, he handed her in and then got in the other side. Now or never. She reached over the center console and palmed his cock.

“Shite!” He looked over, his eyes wide.

“Look, I’m not normally this forward, but I want you.” Unable to hide a small smile as his cock swelled in her hand, she looked away. “Well, for more than your tennis expertise.”

“Are you sure?”

“Do you often have women who don’t want you for sex stroking your dick?”

“I don’t often have women stroking my dick for any reason.”

She faced him. “Really?”

“Really.” He swallowed.
“I guess it’s both of our lucky days then.”

Excerpt from Cristal Ryder's Playing Through

Get a grip, Lexie. He’s a student.

She bit her lower lip and tried not to let her thoughts go to the erotic, but she feared it was way too late for that. Another quick glance at him, and damn if he wasn’t looking at her. He laid his arm along the back of their seats. Under her pale peach golf shirt, the flesh between her shoulders rippled, anticipating his touch. Would he run his fingers down her spine or up to her neck and into her hair? She felt the presence of his hand at her back as clearly as if he touched her. She willed him to and was disappointed when he didn’t.

The sun went behind a cloud, and she glanced up. Doppler had shown a chance of rain or thunderstorms. Wouldn’t that be great—a crashing storm during the lesson would really screw things up.

“It’s beautiful out here, isn’t it?” His words startled her, but oh how she loved to hear him speak.

Keep talking, cowboy. “Yes, it is.”

“Have you been west before?”

The magic of his voice cast some kind of sexual spell over her until she could barely think straight, let alone form cohesive words. “Ah, no.” Lexie concentrated on her driving and her words, which seemed to vanish on her tongue. “First time.”

“What brought you out here?”

“Fluke, really. They offered me a position and I was ready for a change.”

“Lucky me.”

She glanced at him to see if he was teasing and nearly swallowed her tongue. His dark gaze bored into her. Her intuition screamed he would be receptive if she just said the word.



Excerpt from Cindy Carr's Up to the Hilt

Finally, a man who could be no other than Sebastian Como, dressed in a black velvet warm-up suit, strolled out the door. “Holy shit,” she whispered. He was gorgeous. Sex on a spoon. About six-three with dark, curly hair, brilliant green eyes, and a killer smile. Plus, he appeared to be in his mid-twenties. He was awfully young to be a master fencer with his own academy, but she knew his story. Everyone in the business knew about him—boy genius, Olympic star and all, but the photo in the school's website hadn't done him justice by a long shot.

He needed a new photographer. Badly.

She needed air.

He met her halfway across the floor and shook her hand. Zings of heat flew up her arm.

Man candy. Yum. But she couldn't let anything get in her way of success. His royal hotness would have to be stuck in her back pocket until she had time to explore him. Slowly. Very slowly.

Their gazes collided like lasers. Wars could start that way.


No pushing or shoving! Here are the links to get your own copy of Close Contact! 


Coupon: RB87Z good through Wednesday, November 28th will put price at $2.97

All Romance Ebooks

On sale until Wednesday, November 28th for $2.97

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Don't Tell Him No! #SixSunday from Lethal Limits

If you're here for the Autumn Harvest Blog Hop
 Hop on down the page by clicking here: 
Good stuff awaits. 

Welcome to the Lethal Limits is FREE Edition of 

Six Sentence Sunday! 

Spy Games: Lethal Limits is celebrating it's last day of footloose and fancy FREE status on Amazon today (Nov 11) so I'm going to offer you six sentences of the goodness that is Jake Anderson.

The set-up: Secret Agent Jake Anderson loves his life as a spy and a man whore, and appreciates the simple, finer things in life. He's been given a long weekend to go home, and since his new partner, Tia Richards, is the only woman who can make him forget his love for his best friend's wife. Jake decides to invite her home with him.  His ego is wounded, though, when she shoots him down. 

Six Sentences from Spy Games: Lethal Limits

No? The charm that worked luring women to his bed didn’t seem to be effective with Tia and it pissed him off. “Why the hell not? I’m offering horses and a proper orgasm. I could book a hundred women for this weekend on that alone.”

"Then book it, Tex."

What do you think? Poor Jake isn't used to being told no. Go scoop up that luscious bad boy and see how he finally convinces the spunky Tia to go with him. You'll be surprised what it takes to win her affection for a weekend, and then finally win her heart!

Go get your smut on at Amazon!

And then you can....

Visit the Six Sunday Sentences website for more incredible snippets!

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Autumn's Harvest Blog H0P with Mia Downing!

Winner of Mia's blog giveaway is: 

 Dita Skarste! 

Thanks to all who participated. I'll be having another giveaway 

Friday, Nov 16 to celebrate the release of my newest M/M, Just Ask. 

What do you love about Autumn and Fall? I have to tell you, it's my favorite season! I was married in October, with pumpkins and gourds as my centerpieces, sunflowers and dried Straw flowers in my bouquets. With the cool nights (and recent snow for us!) it's the perfect time to curl up with a good book and sip warm cider. Usually I'd light a nice, scented candle, but after a week of no power, I'm keeping the lights on! 

All of my books are set in every other season but autumn, except for my work in progress, which is set in fall in a fictional town called Freedome, Maine. The hero is Marek Young, and he's an antiquities expert and self-proclaimed rich recluse. He's also sexy as hell, with jet black hair, blue eyes and a confident swagger. Skye Bellew thinks he looks (and often acts) like a pirate. He goes after what he wants and he's bossy to boot, and he definitely takes prisoners. 

BUT, a secret...two of my Spy Games characters get engaged in the fall, and another set gets married in the fall! You'll have to read all three books to figure out who! 
Let's Get Hopping! 

From Nov 9 to Nov 12 over 200 Authors and Bloggers will share their favorite things about those sexy men we know and love. And while we do that, we are EACH doing a giveaway. Yep. There will be over 200 giveaways on each blog hosted by that Author or Blogger.
But that's not all....
We have THREE grand prizes. You as a reader can go to EACH blog and comment with your email address and be entered to win. Yep, you can enter over 200 times!
Now what are those prizes?
1st Grand Prize: A Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet
2nd Grand Prize: A $50 Amazon or B&N Gift Card
3rd Grand Prize: A Swag Pack that contains 10+ paperbacks, ebooks, 50+ bookmarks, cover flats, magnets, pens, coffee cozies, and more! (USA only)
In addition, I'll be giving away BOOKS! 
Spy Games: Lethal Limits (Book 2) will be FREE on Amazon: Buy Link  through Nov 11. To celebrate, I'll be giving away:
1 signed print copy of Spy Games: Trained for Seduction (Book 1) 
1 e-copy of Spy Games: Birthday Games (Book 1.5)
If you have them, have read them and loved them, I'll send you something from the back list or my newest m/m, Just Ask, out 11/16

To enter: 

Leave your name and email address in the comments to be entered in my drawing AND the Grand Prize Drawing. 
To continue hopping, visit the master list at: Carrie Ann's Blog Hops Website 

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Getting Acquainted #SixSunday Sentences from Mia Downing

Getting Acquainted Six Sentence Sunday

I'm still without power here at Casa Downing, so I had to go old school with the six sentences and open the print book of Spy Games: Trained for Seduction. Everything else is in the PC, which I don't dare fire up on the generator. It's already threatened my Keurig's life several times. It's not taking the PC down, too. 

Rookie Secret Agent Kate Wells is spending her birthday weekend with Chase. Her mission, learn the art of seduction at the hands of the egotistical yet sexy master. Her new boss is sex in sneakers, and she figures he has his pick of women ready to slink into his sheets. Kate knows she's pretty, but she's way out of Chase's league. She has an IQ of 170 and spent her life isolated, learning how to build bombs and weapons of mass destruction under her crazy father's tutelage.  However, as the conversation warms, she realizes he's very turned on.

Six Sentences from Spy Games: Trained for Seduction

Chase's eyes held something akin to awe as well as lust, and it made her unsure, because she didn't believe for a second he wanted her for anything more than his weekend task. This man could have any beauty in the world, and he found her brains to be amazing? 

"I don't think I'm amazing. I spent my life dreaming of being normal, going to high school and getting groped in the back of some guy's sports car." 

"I have one of those, if you want to pretend. I also have a truck if you're into more rural fantasies." 

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