Friday, April 7, 2017

#NewRelease Twisted Luck: Ready to Take You To Hell And Back #paranormalromance #kindle

So excited! Today is release day for Twisted Luck!

This is my first full release in a long time, and I'm really proud of this book. They say it takes a village for a lot of things, and a village definitely helped me get this project off the ground. You see, I had given up writing. In my mind, I was done. But a friend asked me not to stop, and at the same time, the muse kicked in with a story idea. I always come up with a song, and Elle King's Ex's &Oh's became the track that made the images form in my mind and beg to be written. I said I'd try once more, but I'd write for me and my village.

So here we are, a year later. I hope you like Olivia and Leo's story as much as I enjoyed writing it. The trailer below was designed by TBC Trailers and is gorgeous. Enjoy!~Mia

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Blurb For Twisted Luck

All I wanted was luck—the good kind. I’d lost my job, a jerk hacked my bank account, and I caught my best friend screwing my fiancĂ©. When stood up by my Internet date in a bar, I met the perfect man—tall, dark, and handsome in the most expensive suit. He was out of my league, but I didn’t want forever.

I barely remember the words he whispered under the veil of sin and seduction. I didn’t believe in Satan, God, Heaven or Hell. I thought he was kidding. A figment. A dream.

I was wrong. With one, breathless yes, my fate was sealed.

Businessman by day, demon by night, Leo Weston now owns my soul in exchange for good luck. Time is ticking as he works to secure my mother’s soul, too. Somehow, I have to take him down despite him being so damned gorgeous, glib, and devious. Will my gift of twisted luck be enough to save her and protect my heart?

 102,000 words/400 pages
Excerpt from Twisted Luck

Someone slid onto the stool next to me. I glanced over at the attractive guy in a suit, my heart pounding fast for a beat. Maybe my date had shown after all.
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I turned just enough to check him out from the corner of my eye. Nope. The tailored, expensive suit and sparkling cufflinks screamed class and money. Definitely not my internet date.

I sipped the frozen margarita I’d nursed between shots and peeked again, trying to not be obvious in my perusal. Hot, broody, and dangerous, he wore a dark gray suit that fit him to a tee. Short-cropped, dark hair, high cheek bones, firm lips, and a hint of dark stubble shading his strong jaw—all definitely my type. Probably mid-thirties. I liked older. With my luck, the guy had a wife and two mistresses waiting somewhere.

Yet here he sat on a barstool next to me, making my palms wet and my heart race. Disheartened, I sipped my drink and did my best to ignore the eye candy at my elbow.

I was definitely doomed.

“Can I buy you another drink?” the hot guy asked.

“That’s probably not a good idea.” I toyed with the stirrer in my drink. Wife and mistresses. I had to keep that in mind.

He chuckled, his deep voice stirring something carnal deep inside me. “I assure you, I’m not married. Nor do I have mistresses.”

Had I said that aloud? I shrugged, not wanting to be sucked in to the charm and whatever else he was selling in that expensive suit. “Sure. It’s your dime.”

He ordered and casually leaned an elbow on the bar, the weight of his stare sliding along my skin, heating it. I’d worn a simple black dress that showed just enough thigh and cleavage for a first date. My exposed flesh warmed as shocks of pleasure and lust danced along my nerves.

Maybe the alcohol was finally kicking in. I focused on the television, hoping the hot guy would take his drink and sit somewhere else.

“You look like you’ve lost your best friend,” he observed.

“Nosy.” But yeah, I had when she’d screwed my boyfriend in my bed. I took one of the shots the bartender slid in front of me and downed it without clinking glasses or thanking the guy.

“You want to talk about it?”

“Nope.” I set the glass in front of him and met his chocolaty gaze for the first time. “Look, buddy—”


I froze, mesmerized as I stared at perfection. His eyes…deep, dark brown pools I’d drown in if I weren’t careful, framed by the thickest, darkest lashes. My heart did weird things as I fought for the breath lodged in my tight chest.

Mr. Perfect stared at me as if he knew me, had lost me, and had finally found me. And for some reason, I thought I knew him, too.

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