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A Gangster's Kiss with Ginger Ring #historical

Today we have Ginger Ring, discussing her latest release, The Gangster's Kiss. This is her first full length historical romance. She has a copy to give away to one lucky comment leaver, so stay tuned for details.



Interview questions for Ginger Ring

Quick round:
Coffee, tea or…what’s your vice? Iced coffee
Favorite Movie: The Godfather
Favorite Color: green
Favorite book/author: Morning Glory by Lavyrle Spencer
How do you feel about bacon? Everything taste better with it.

In honor of a gangster book we have bacon weaponry. 

The REAL questions…
Tell us a little about yourself. I’m a Midwestern girl with a weakness for cheese, dark chocolate, and the Green Bay Packers.  I love tracking down old gangster haunts, stopping at historical landmarks, and spending time on the backwaters of the Mississippi River fishing with my husband.

What’s under your bed? 
Dust bunnies, a cat or two, and books.

What comes first, plot or characters? 
Since this was a historical, I worked on the plot first and then added the characters.

Pantser, plotter, or hybrid?
This is my first full length book so I did plot it out and then filled in the spaces.

Oddest thing on your desk?
 A cat, real ones. Lol They stare at me until I feed them.

What’s your most interesting writing quirk? 
I like to find the right sound track or music to go with the time period, genre.

What’s your favorite thing about the genre you write in? 
The story takes place locally so it was great finding out the history of the famous, and infamous, people that use to live here.

What is the hardest thing about being an author?
I’m not very organized.

What’s the easiest thing about being an author? 
Being excited about books and what everyone is writing about.

What do you wish someone had asked you for an interview question? 
So are you excited about winning an academy award for best screenplay? Yeah, that would be a cool one.  J

Tell us about your latest release! It is a prohibition era romance that takes place in a small town in Northern Wisconsin.

Blurb for The Gangster’s Kiss… 
John O’Malley’s sister is missing. All the clues of her disappearance lead to Hayward County, Wisconsin and the crooks and questionable sheriff that reside there. Pretending to be one of them, John takes a job as bodyguard for the sheriff’s beautiful sister, Grace. It seems like the perfect way to investigate their crimes and corruption, but when someone threatens to kill Grace, the job proves harder than he thought. Is she an innocent witness to a crime, or just as guilty as everyone else?

Grace Sullivan just wanted a normal life: find a good man, get married and have a family. She has had enough of looking the other way while her brother hides behind his sheriff’s badge to conduct shady dealings. Hiring a gangster named John to watch her is the final straw. When a face from the past threatens her life, she is forced to put her life in John’s hands, but as time goes on, all she really wants is to be in the gangster’s arms.

Available at Amazon 


Excerpt for A Gangster's Kiss...

“You can come out, Miss Sullivan. I mean you no harm.” A low voice with a slight Irish accent called from the road. How did he know her name? She risked a peek. It was the man from the car. The one Daniel had just hired.
“Why are you chasing me?” Her voice did not sound nearly as strong as she wanted it to be.
“Begging your pardon, miss, I wasn’t chasing you.” She looked again. He stood relaxed and leaning on one leg. His left hand tucked into a trouser pocket. A suit coat folded over his forearm. A shotgun in one hand and a gun holster looped around each shoulder. “Your brother sent me to make sure you made it home safely.”
“Why would he do that? I’ve walked home safely plenty of times by myself.” She gripped the stick even tighter.
“Not to worry you none, miss, but there has been word of some kidnappings farther south. I’m sure you are quite capable of taking care of yourself but that twig in your hand will not save you from a bad man with a big gun.”
“And how do I know you are not a bad man with a big gun?” Her eyes glared at the weapon in his hand.
He chuckled and kicked a rock to the side with his shoe. “I have a big gun, yes, but if I was a bad man you would not be still standing there asking that question.” He switched the shotgun to his other hand and motioned her forward. “Please come out. We need to get off this road and get you home.”
Grace looked both directions down the road before stepping cautiously from behind the tree, the club still clutched tightly in her hand behind her back and the basket in the other. “What was your name again, boy?” She puffed out her chest. Her chin lifted and she began to walk in the direction of home again.
“O’Malley, John O’Malley, miss, and I am no boy.” He grinned down at her and winked.
“That’s debatable. Real men don’t follow lone women on their walk home and frighten them to death.”
“I’m sorry I frightened you, Miss Sullivan. That was not my intention. Mr. Sullivan didn’t realize you were leaving town until it was too late. I said I would make sure you arrived in one piece.”
Grace smirked. “I’ll have you know, Mr. O’Malley, I have made it home in one piece for many years without your help.” She didn’t know who to be angrier with, her brother for treating her like a child, or the man beside her.
“Here, let me carry that basket for you.” John reached to take it from her.
“It’s quite all right.” She eyed the shotgun in his hand. “It looks like you have enough to carry.”
“That’s where you’re mistaken.” His warm hand touched hers as he grabbed the handle of her wicker basket. The brief contact sent goose bumps up her arm. They each held tight to the handle as they walked. “My mother, God rest her soul, raised me to be a gentleman. A gentleman never lets a lady carry her burdens alone.”
“And what do you know of my burdens, Mr. O’Malley?” She challenged.
“I don’t, but I think for the time being,” he slowed and nodded ahead, “it might be best if you dropped that club you’re carrying and hold your basket yourself.” He released his hold on the basket and moved the shotgun back to his right hand.
Grace looked where he indicated and her step faltered. It was him. The man she recognized from dinner last night. The club slipped from her fingers and made a thud when it hit the dirt.
“Don’t worry,” John whispered in her ear, “I won’t let anything happen to you.”
The man leaned against his car, shaving wood with a knife. “Miss Sullivan, we meet again,” he called from ahead, not bothering to look in her direction. He’d been waiting for her. Grace and John said nothing as they approached, but the stranger continued to speak, “You know, I still can’t figure out where I know you from. As I told you, I never forget a face.” He stopped whittling and stood. “It will come to me.”
Grace could feel tension fill the man beside her. Not wanting things to get out of hand, she inhaled a deep breath and addressed the intruder, “I’m afraid it is as I told you last night. I seldom go anywhere, so you must surely have me confused with someone else.” Grace and John slowed their gait as they approached the car, but kept walking. She turned as they passed and walked backward a few steps. “By the way, sir, what is your name?” Grace inquired, as she moved.
“The name’s Ed. Eddie ‘The Knife’ Killian.” He removed his hat and bowed his head.
Grace shook her head. “No, sorry. It doesn’t ring a bell. Maybe you know my friend here?” She gestured an elegant hand at John. “His name is John, Johnnie ‘Big Gun’ O’Malley. Good day to you, Mr. Killian.” She tucked her hand in the crook of John’s elbow and kept walking.

The woman had spunk, that’s for sure. Her hand tightened in the crook of his arm, but she’d stood up to that man like he was a rude schoolboy. She was obviously more than just a pretty face. John looked back to make sure the man wasn’t following. Good. Killian started his car and was heading toward town.
“You can relax. He’s going.” John reassured. “Friend of yours?”
“Hardly.” She turned her head to watch the retreating car. “He was at the house last night and insists that we are acquainted.” Her fingers still gripped his arm.
“Did he do something to upset you? Because if he did...” John stopped and looked at her pale face.
“No. It was nothing.” She dropped her hand from his arm and started walking.
“Are you sure? Maybe we need to tell Sheriff Sullivan about this.” He tried to retrieve her basket again.
“No. Please.” Her voice trembled, but was firm. “I don’t want to cause any trouble. My brother has enough things to worry about without dealing with some man that obviously thinks I am someone else.” Her blue eyes threatened tears. For a second, he had the urge take her in his arms and tell her everything would be okay, but things weren’t okay. She was not his girl and none of his concern. This was just a job. John turned to make sure Killian was still on his way.
He’d let it go for now, but he would be keeping an eye out for the man. Something wasn’t right. John didn’t know Grace very well, but he could always tell when someone was lying.


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Contest Details 
If you were a gangster what would your nickname be? Ginger will pick her favorite from the comments and  will email the winner an ebook of The Gangster’s Kiss.

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Palessa and Portrait of Gray Book Two of Baxter Family Saga #RomanticSuspense

Today we have an interview with Palessa. She's discussing her latest release, Portrait of Gray, book 2 in the Baxter Family Saga. She loves bacon and Nutella, and she's got a great excerpt for us. So enjoy! 



Interview questions for PALESSA…

Quick round:
Coffee, tea or…what’s your vice? Both and Nutella on toast, crackers, spoon, just Nutella

Favorite Movie: The Sound of Music

Favorite Color: Forest Green

Favorite book/author: Don't really have a fave author as I focus on the story. But favorite book: A Woman of Substance by Barbara Taylor Bradford.

How do you feel about bacon? Bacon is good with everything, even itself

The REAL questions…
Tell us a little about yourself. There's a loaded question. I'm a storyteller who is pretty new to the author realm. I'm the author of the Baxter Family Saga series and I'll be branching out soon enough. I live in Jamaica, grew up in Miami, FL, so I love croquetas, medianoches, arroz con pollo and all those dishes. Love food and as my Dad and I run a farm here, we definitely eat what we grow. It's a different lifestyle from the hustle of the US and it took me a while to adjust to it. So glad I decided to just make such a significant life change and come back here in 2011.

What’s under your bed? Suitcases, dust bunnies, God knows what else as I haven't looked under there in a while.

What comes first, plot or characters? I get flashes of both. For Portrait of Gray, Grayson came to me first. For Unchained Hearts, Book 1, the stories there came to me first.  So it varies depending on the story that comes to me. Keeps things interesting

Pantser, plotter, or hybrid? Yeah, I'm about an 80% pantser. There are times when I get shocked by the plot when I'm writing. However, for Book 3, Story of Us, which should be out in August 2014, I hope, I became more of a plotter because of the era and subject. But for the most part I'm mostly a pantser with something that passes for an outline.

Oddest thing on your desk? I don't have a desk, so HA! J

What’s your most interesting writing quirk? I don't know as I don't think of any writing I do as quirky. I guess the fact that I do go offline periodically. It's a long story but I had to do this for a month and it gave me time to finish a first draft of book 3, research other stories and even start a new story that I'm hoping will turn out OK. So, separating myself from the online world in a time when the world lives online I guess is considered a quirk.

What’s your favorite thing about the genre you write in? I guess I feel like I'm not bound by a genre because I focus on the story at all times and then we talk about genre. I think my books will have some romantic element to them but they tend to be multi-pronged. Yes there's sex but there are multicultural elements or somewhat historical elements. I like the flexibility of not being tied to a genre.

What is the hardest thing about being an author? Being seen. There are a lot of books out there. A lot of GOOD books out there for readers to choose from so it's tough to be seen. When I share my stories, I'm pretty confident about them so it's just a matter of making sure I'm not leaving anything out that would confuse readers. Once it's done and ready, I'm working on being seen by readers and getting the word out. It's a tough game but I'm working on just doing it consistently and grabbing opportunities where and when I can.

What’s the easiest thing about being an author? Nothing. It's not rocket science (unless that's part of your plot) but getting the idea out of your end from start to finish is not easy but it's worth it. I think that's how I see this author path; not easy but really worth it

What do you wish someone had asked you for an interview question? Actually, I'm OK believe it or not.

Tell us about your latest release!
Portrait of Gray is the story of Grayson Baxter, Cass' older brother. When we met him in Unchained Hearts he was in a bad way and eventually, he found his way out. This is the story of that transformation of how he was forced to really clean up his life and his journey to figuring out how he fit into the Baxter Family and the secret of his birth. It's a heart-filled ride and to give readers a taste, they can check out the trailer:

Blurb for Portrait of Gray, Baxter Family Saga Book 2…

Continue the Baxter Family Saga with book 2 
Grayson Baxter, first born of Julian and Joan, has always been the prodigal of the Baxter clan. He has also been heavily into drugs since he was a teenager. As his brother Cass enters a new phase in his life and is headed towards taking over the family business, Grayson’s drug use worsens. When he attempts to break away from the family that hates him, something goes terribly wrong. After tragedy strikes and with the help of a unique rehab facility, Grayson gets his life back. He discovers and pursues his desire to become a therapist and fall in love with Bindi Gail. Just as they start a life together, one fateful decision tears them apart. Through life’s twists and turns he finds his way from lost to found and learns to love again, Grayson’s journey to survive and realize his path as a Baxter makes his redemption more satisfying.

 Available at Amazon


Excerpt for Portrait of Gray

"Close your eyes," she ordered.
"Just do it."
Grayson complied. He heard a rustling sound, light footsteps, and then she said, "Open your mouth." He tried to partially open one eye and she barked, "No peeking."
When he did, she gently placed something round. He closed his mouth and when he broke the chocolate shell, molten lava of milk chocolate coated his tongue.
"Oh my God," he moaned, chewing. "What is this?"
"My cousin came back from Switzerland and brought these truffle balls. She snuck them in a stuffed animal with a note. I tasted one and I couldn't stop. Good thing she sent me two bags."
Chocolate was on the list of forbidden foods for many of the residents. It wasn't that they could never eat it, but at a time when their bodies were so new to the healing process, milk chocolate could trigger a blood sugar spike, according to Damian.
Looking at Bindi, Grayson narrowed his eyes. "How many have you had?"
"Three or four," she admitted coyly. He kept staring at her. "Maybe seven or eight."
He made a quick dash and grabbed the bear, holding it high. "I think I should store these with me for safe keeping."
"Like hell you will," she said, jumping to try and get the bear from him. Why did he have to be so damn tall and why wasn't her five-foot-eight height enough? She stopped momentarily, breathing heavily and growling at the satisfied look on his face. She had to wipe it off and that was when she came up with a different tactic. Narrowing her eyes, she poked him in the ribs. That produced the reaction she needed as he gasped and lowered his arms. She did it again and Grayson felt his knees weaken. It was a good thing the bed was right behind him. He had no idea he was even ticklish and unfortunately had no way to fight back against the assault.
Bindi grinned evilly, enjoying the torture she was inflicting. He was laughing so hard that he couldn't breathe and if he was ever going to survive this he had to stop her. He put his arms around her and held her close to him. She squealed and laughed, pleading for him to let her go and give her the bear. She got an arm free and reached for it, her breasts brushing against his chest. Their laughter was dying down. Her hot breath moistened his lips. He looked into her eyes and saw them burning bright. He’d never seen a more beautiful sight in his life.
They leaned into each other and their lips met. At first it was tentative, tender, as if they were testing and teasing each other. Then their passions flared and their tongues fought for delicious domination. Grayson moaned. A part of him wanted to run away. The intensity he felt overwhelmed him.
Sensing his trepidation, Bindi pulled away. "It feels like it's your first time, doesn't it?" Grayson nodded, his breath ragged. "It's like you don't know what to do and you just want to run away."
"How did you know?" he asked her.
Bindi got up from him and she slowly unbuttoned her shirt, keeping her eyes on his. There it was, that sensuous curve he remembered from that night at the pond. He stared at her, licking his lips. "I've been there. The sensations of pleasure you feel, it's like you're drowning and need to come up for air." She unhooked her bra and gently shrugged it off. Her succulent breasts spilled over and Grayson felt his manhood come to life. She unbuttoned her skirt, then discarded it along with her panties. She stood there fully naked and unashamed…

For the full Chocolate excerpt, please visit

Check out the YouTube trailer for Portrait of Gray -


More about Palessa
Palessa started reading her first romance novel, at the age of 11. Then she got introduced to V.C. Andrews, Barbara Taylor Bradford, Anne Rice and many more notable contemporary authors as well as some of the classics, A Tale of Two Cities, Their Eyes Were Watching God, The Great Gatsby and others. It was during her teenage years that she dabbled in writing. First, it was in her diaries, then she started creating characters, stories about romance, the supernatural and much more.

It would take almost 20 years, a radical move from the city she grew up in, Miami, FL back to her Caribbean birthplace, and a chance Facebook meeting with Sable Hunter to start the fiction juices flowing again. After some fits and starts, the Baxter Family Saga was born. Unchained Hearts is Palessa's first published fiction book with Beau Coup Publishing. Book 2: Portrait of Gray was released April 2014 and Book 3 Story of Us to be released August 2014.

She considers herself just a storyteller who sees no reason to shy away from the juicier romantic elements. She currently lives in the mountains of Jamaica with her crazy, cracker-munching-mutt Ivy and a farm, primarily managed by agribusiness partner, also known as Dad.

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  Bennet Pomerantz' Anything Goes:
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Michelle Escamilla's Dark Secret #contest #paranormal #romance

Today we have paranormal romance author Michelle Escamilla in the hot seat, discussing her latest release, Dark Secret. This is book one of two in her latest series and she hopes book two will be released next month! She's giving away an e-copy of Dark Secret to one lucky comment leaver. 




Interview questions for Michelle Escamilla

Quick round:
Coffee, tea or…what’s your vice? While I kill for coffee in the morning- If I had Dr. Pepper in the fridge I’d choose that first.

Favorite Movie: It’s a toss-up Bridesmaids or Anchorman

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite book/author: Maya Banks –her Sweet Series

How do you feel about bacon? OMG this is sore subject. I recently became vegetarian (on a bet for a month). I LOVE bacon and miss it at the moment.

The REAL questions…
Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m a stay at home mom. I have a 6 year old, who I get rid of for the day for school (yaaay) and a 4 year old who I’m stuck with hahaha! Totally kidding, love my kids. I am finishing my degree in Business this December. My husband is a really great guy, he gets on my last nerve sometimes, but love him to death! I never thought that I’d actually become a writer, but I really love what I do. The possibilities are endless with the stories.


What’s under your bed?  
Not an appropriate subject haha! No, I have bins of clothes and craft supplies (that I NEVER use)

What comes first, plot or characters? 

Pantser, plotter, or hybrid? Tell us about your writing process.
Usually, it’s a dream that I had about the perfect situation. I will write down the basic plot and then go from there. I am really old fashioned and I have a notebook with a pen. I have one by my laptop and then one by my bed.

Oddest thing on your desk?
*hangs head* I don’t really have a desk.

What’s your most interesting writing quirk?
I think its my book Dark Secret. I never imagined writing it and then all the sudden I’m on page 150

What’s your favorite thing about the genre you write in?
Because I write romance, I can go as hot as erotica to aww he gave her a peck on the cheek. It’s so easy to pick the hot level and who can say no to a love story… no don’t answer haha!

What is the hardest thing about being an author? 
 Honestly, making sure you write for your audience. You want them to be happy, but you want to bring in new readers. I think it’s the hardest thing for me is trying to please everyone.

What’s the easiest thing about being an author?
The flexible schedule. Being a stay at home mom and daycare being ridiculously expensive- I can ‘work’ from home

What do you wish someone had asked you for an interview question? 
Here’s your chance to get the soap box out! Do you want to make a lot of money? Haha! You know, I dunno! It has actually been YEARS since I had an interview.

Tell us about your latest release!
SO! Dark Secret. It’s about Emma, she lives the most ‘normal’ of lives. She meets Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome one night and suddenly her world begins to change. Things begin to happen – magical things. Turns out she’s a witch! She slowly begins to learn her powers, but when she thinks things are going to be awesome and turn out for the best for her – something happens. That’s where I’m going to tell you get your copy and check it out!

Blurb for Dark Secret… 
Emma Blackwood was the epitome of ordinary. She lived in a small town, where she excelled in school and loved to hang out with her friends. Wanting to escape from her ordinary life, she headed to college in the city. But as soon as college life was over, she found herself back to the same old routine. Normal.
After a night on the town with her best friend, Kyle, Emma meets a mysterious man. One small touch of his hand made her feel things that she’s never experienced before. That moment changed everything for Emma. ‘Normal’ was never going to be a word to describe her ever again.

Micah Oliver didn’t grow up in a normal world. His mother, a witch, had passed on her powers to him. He had a gift, one that could sense when others, like him, were near. Finding Emma was supposed to be a blessing for him, someone that would understand his way of life. Or was it?

Emma doesn’t know her past, or her future and Micah has the answers, but there is one problem.

He has a Dark Secret….
Amazon buy link:


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Ride for a Cure and N.C Winters #eroticromance #western #cowboys #contest

Today we have erotic romance author N.C Winters in the hot seat, discussing her latest novella, Ride for a Cure. She has a fierce love of bacon and has some swag for a lucky guest! So read on! 



Interview questions for N.C Winters…

Quick round:
Coffee, tea or…what’s your vice?  Soda! I’d die without it, and Coffee as well J

Favorite Movie:  Oh that’s hard I love movies! Ummmm I’ll go with Dirty Dancing.

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite book/author:  Jasinda Wilder & Kelly Elliott I have read all their books and loved every one of them.

How do you feel about bacon?  Bacon is the SHIT isn’t it? I mean it goes with everything! YUM now I’m hungry and I blame you lol

The REAL questions…
Tell us a little about yourself.  I am a country girl through and through. I was raised most of my life in West Virginia and I love it here. It’s quiet and peaceful, I have a serious addiction to peanut butter cups, and I am a sucker for flowers. I have four children Payten 8, Hannah 6, and Landen & Izabella are almost 4. I married my best friend on 11/11/11 after knowing him 11 years ( and we so did not plan that realized that after the fact lol) I am a fairly busy mama so this is basically my day to day life J

What’s under your bed? 
Ummm I think a couple extra pillows, and possibly a kitten or two ( Yeah mama decided to get knocked up and well they have taken over my room ugh)

What comes first, plot or characters?  Plot for me

Pantser, plotter, or hybrid? Tell us about your writing process. 
I’m going to say plotter, I always have the storyline from beginning to end made up in my head, but I do have a bad habit of not writing it down.

Oddest thing on your desk?
 Bacon?? HA Just kidding umm There really isn’t anything too odd on it just the usual lol
What’s your favorite thing about the genre you write in? 
The steam! Who doesn’t love a book full of sexy men and hot sex right?

What is the hardest thing about being an author?  
Becoming known, it is so hard to get your name out.

What’s the easiest thing about being an author?  
Getting to write what you love, setting your own hours.

What do you wish someone had asked you for an interview question?  What inspires you?  I think that there is something different to everyone’s writing process. I have to write about something that affects me. I don’t know why, but I do. Like with The Escape its Anna trying to create a life after loss, Ride for a Cure touches on Autism, and my WIP Love, Honor and Sacrifice is about a Marine. These are all real life issues that I have faced. Sure I have changed them up a bit, but one way or another everything I have written has had my real life experiences in it.

Tell us about your latest release! 
Since I have signed with Beau Coup Ride for a Cure is my latest release, but The Escape will be out soon it’s in editing. That is actually the first book that I Self-Published.

Blurb for Ride for a Cure… 
Grayson James has dedicated almost his entire life to running the ranch his Granddad built for his Grandma in Odessa Texas, but when his niece Macee opens his eyes to a whole new opportunity, he begins to change the lives of kids all over Texas. When Macee gets diagnosed with autism at the young age of three, Grayson immediately notices the bond she seems to have with his horses. She tries to talk and interact with them more than she does people. That's when Grayson starts the Ride for a Cure Foundation, allowing children diagnosed with autism to come to his ranch daily for two weeks out of the summer to ride and interact with his horses. He also raises money to donate to finding a cure. Love was the last thing on his mind until he met Tanley West.

Tanley West grew up in a middle class neighborhood never really doing without, but never having the things money can buy which most kids take for granted, like vacations or a simple shopping trip with her mother.. Her only goal was to go to school and open her own bakery. When she and her best friend Presley Evans finally make that dream a reality, she seems to be on top of the world but Presley knows things have been hard for Tanley since she lost her dad. When Grayson James walks in to their little shop, Sweet Treats, to place an order for his local charity auction, Tanley is blown away and left breathless by his sexy cowboy looks and sweet southern charm. Tanley has a choice, she can let Grayson walk away or she can risk it all for love. Either way, Grayson is not giving up. He sees what he wants - and he wants Tanley.

Buy at Amazon


Excerpt for Ride for a Cure...

Oh my God, when that man walked in I swear I thought my knees were going to collapse under me. He was easily six foot, with dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes, wearing a tight-ass pair of wrangler jeans and a white t-shirt which hugged his body enough for me to know he was seriously ripped. I could see a tattoo peeking out of the edge of his sleeve, but couldn’t fully make out what it was. The hottie wore a cowboy hat which he immediately removed when he started talking to me.

The second he was out the door, I immediately ran to the back to find Presley. Presley and I have been friends our entire lives, neither one of us came from a family who had much of anything and it was always our dream to own a bakery together. So, as soon as we graduated high school we enrolled in The International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Dallas, working two jobs each so we could have enough money for everything we needed to start our business. The building was given to me by my dad’s friend Jamie. He had owned it as long as I could remember, but had never used it for anything. We’d been open about a year now and business was thriving for us.

“Pres! Where the hell are you!” I was hollering as I walked all through the back looking for her. As I headed toward our office I heard her hang up the phone.
“Hey, Tan, I'm in here” I went in and plopped down at my desk which sat next to hers. “Okay, ummm, Tan…what the hell? You look love struck,” she said laughing.

I couldn't help but smile at her. “Love struck, no, but totally slobbering on myself, yes,” I laughed as I tossed her the slip I’d made for the sweets Grayson had ordered.

“What the hell, Tan?? Almost three thousand people and you’re not charging him?”

I sat up in my chair a little straighter. “Pres, he runs the Ride for a Cure organization. He does amazing things for children. The least we can do to give back is make some damn sweets.”

She leaned back in her chair giving me her uh-huh look. “Are you doing this for that reason, Tanley West, or are you doing it because he’s sexy?” She let out a giggle.

“How dare you insinuate I would do that? I mean, yea, he’s beyond sexy. He is a serious sexy all on his own.” I laughed, but continued to convince my partner that what I’d done was the right thing to do. “I’ve heard of his organization before and it really is amazing what he does for people. So, I want to give back in a way, ya know?” I leaned forward, looking at my friend, giving her my most serious stare. “Plus I love horses, you know that, and I’ll do whatever I can to help a child, especially a special needs child have the opportunity to get to experience such an amazing animal.”

Presley just smiled over at me indulgently. “Well, I'm glad we can help in some way, but I'm so leaving it up to you to tell the employees what they have to look forward to next week.”

I laughed as I stood up to head out to the bakery. “Yea, you’re so right. They’re going to hate my ass.”

Presley nodded her head and grinned as she walked out of the office. “Yep, they sure are.”

Copyright- N.C Winters


More about N.C Winters

N.C Winters has called West Virginia home for a over 20 years, she resides there with her husband Shawn and there four kids. She is 100% country and loves mudding and traveling the back roads with her family. The quickest way to her heart is with flowers and a reese cup. She loves country boys, reading and a happy ending.

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Uninhibited Release Day Blitz by Melody Grace #NewAdult

Uninhibited Release Day.1

Today we have a peek at Melody Grace's latest release, Uninhibited. It's a very steamy New Adult that takes place 3 months after Unrequited but is a stand-alone novel. I love the cover!



Book Title: Uninhibited 
Author: Melody Grace 
Genre: New Adult Release 
Date: July 21, 2014 



Uninhibited 30-4He’ll teach her a pleasure beyond her wildest dreams… Alicia Wright isn’t the kind of girl to make out with a stranger in a dark alley. She’s spent years playing it safe, pining after the perfect man – who’s about to marry someone else. She doesn’t know how to move on, until a sexy stranger turns her world upside down with a wickedly tempting proposition…

She’ll rescue him from the edge of oblivion. Rock star Dex Callahan swore his days of fame and debauchery were behind him, but the spotlight keeps calling his name. Determined not to fall into his old life, he goes looking for distraction -- and finds an intoxicating red-head with a mouth made for sin. One kiss could never be enough, so Dex offers her a deal: spend one week with him, and she’ll forget her old flame ever existed.

 Together, they’ll ignite a passion that will change them forever…

No rules. No limits. As the whirlwind week of pleasure unfolds, Alicia discovers a desire she never knew existed – and the tortured heart Dex hides behind his charming smile. But can old loves so easily be replaced? And when the week is over, will their bond be strong enough to weather the storm?

 Melody Grace returns with her sexiest book yet!

 *This book contains adult situations and explicit content. 17+*

UNINHIBITED is set 3 months after the events of UNREQUITED, 
but can be enjoyed as a stand-alone novel.


Meet the Author:

melody grace
Book-lover and author of USA Today & international bestselling Beachwood Bay series. I'm 28, a SoCal transplant, and sexy new adult romance junkie ;)

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