Friday, April 9, 2021

#FiveSentenceFriday A Risque Five Sentences from Making Time


#FivesentenceFriday From the WIP: Making Time: Bonded Souls 3. This is a conversation between Dillon, a rebel with a big agenda, and Lily, the watchmaker's granddaughter with some pretty big secrets.

“What do you want from me?”

“Orgasms,” she muttered under her breath. Her mind must have connected to what she’d said, because her cheeks flushed as her green eyes widened. “I can’t believe I said that out loud.”

But it made me laugh since there’d been nothing in her body language so far that indicated she wanted me—or an orgasm.


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Friday, April 2, 2021

#5sentencefriday The Price We Pay #TwistedLuck


Five Sentence Friday!

I have a hard time choosing these. I went with Five Sentences from Twisted Luck. This is the moment Olivia realizes she's sold her soul to a sexy demon...for the price of good luck. 


Everything spun until clarity ruled and numbness reigned. I just couldn’t grasp it. One night of a drunken pity party had left me here, facing this gorgeous demon in a suit.

My life—the shitty and the good—was over.

What had I done?

What do you think? It was such fun to write something so out of the box for me. To think that a demon can be redeemed? Or can he... 

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