Friday, March 26, 2021

#5SentenceFriday Heated Kiss Scene! #ChasingTime


Here again to celebrate Five Sentence Friday! Here's a snipped of a heated kiss scene from Chasing Time, book 1 Bonded Souls series. Let me set the scene... They're cozied up on Marek's bow window seat as a storm rages outside. One kiss leads to a second, and that leads to... 

As Marek's lips claimed mine, his arm wrapped around me, his large hand splayed on my back. Instant arousal flashed over my skin, his gentle seduction dampening my panties. With a tug on my leg, he had me straddle his firm thighs, so I was on top. Before I could protest, he deepened the kiss, his tongue darting between my lips, begging me to part.

I groaned and opened my mouth to his. 

What do you think? The scene was so fun to write, and I hope you'll enjoy reading the whole thing when it comes out!

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Friday, March 19, 2021

#FiveSentenceFriday Who's Creeping on the Corner?


I'm starting something new with a bunch of author friends called Five Sentence Friday. We're posting five lines from a book or WIP. 

Since this is a brand new adventure, I'm posting five lines from the very opening of Chasing Time from my new Bonded Souls series (which isn't out yet). But HEY, join my newsletter to find out when Chasing Time will be out, as well as enjoy some freebies, cover reveals, giveaways...good stuff. Hop on over to my new website for books and more! 

Why the hell did he bother me so much? The stranger had been standing across the street in front of the bakery for about twenty minutes, drinking something hot from a take-out cup. His coat collar was pulled up to ward off the chill of the autumn morning, the dark, woolen fabric partially obscuring his face and making it hard to tell where the fabric began and his dark hair ended. The longer length of the coat also hid the cut of his pants, though I could tell they weren’t jeans. They were probably nice, like something someone would wear to work or a funeral.

And the answer to who's creeping on the corner is...Marek Young! 

Unfortunately, our hero starts out his journey creeping on Skye on the corner, hoping she'll notice him. She does...and right away, it's not favorable. But fear not, dear reader, she doesn't need to file for a protective order. He's absolutely harmless.

Stay tuned for next week's episode of #FiveSentenceFriday! 

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Monday, March 15, 2021

It's Marek Young's Birthday!

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Marek Young, the hero in Chasing Time, Book 1 of the Bonded Souls series. 

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I had so much fun writing this book. Marek chooses the Ides of March as his date to leave to jump through time, hoping Skye will make up her mind to join him on one last jump through time to return a stolen necklace. But Skye isn't ready for the truth, and Marek may have signed himself up for a one-way trip to 1892. 

But not only is the Ides his birthday... In the future, he proposed to Skye on that date outside of the bookstore she now works in. She has no memory of that either, and has no idea why the Ides means so much to him. Maybe he should have heeded the warnings about this day! 

Chasing Time, book 1, Bonded Souls blurb:

One fated jump through time destroyed Marek Young’s life…

I have only one mission—make my wife love me again. Except the aloof bookstore clerk and grad student is no longer my wife. Jumping through time has changed her, and she grew up in this era with no memory of our adventures...or me. I have a month to win her back before I run out of time and die. Unfortunately, she’s always had a temper. If she discovers what I did to ground us here, she’ll kill me anyway.

 Skye Worthington’s quest for the truth brings more than she bargained for…

My already turbulent life flips upside down the moment Marek Young appears. Nightmares from my childhood give way to sexy dreams of a man in leather pants who gives me what no other man has. As Marek is a client of the bookstore where I work, I can’t really say no when he asks me to dinner. I didn’t expect the pull of desire or the sizzle of familiar energy the first time we touched, but I need more than satisfaction. I need the truth. Yet the truth he offers seems too bizarre to believe…

What do you think? Fun, huh? Leave me a comment and tell me what you think! 

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