Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Release day for Christi Snow's latest! Operation: Endurance

Christi Snow's Operation: Endurance, book three in the When the Mission Ends series has been released on Amazon for e-book and print. This is a tale of passion and danger intertwined with the magic of Christi's story-telling skills. Such an awesome read and it's already climbing the charts like monkeys set free from the zoo

Check out that cover...hot, huh? 

They had a single night of passion before he deployed on a risky mission.

18 hours on a mission gone very wrong was all it took to shatter all their hopes and dreams.

The hero:
He survived 6 months of captivity and torture, kept alive by dreams of her.

The heroine:
She thought he was dead and moved on only to have her world fall apart once again.

Two people who have been hurt more than any two people should ever have to suffer. Can they find redemption and healing with each other or will another threat shatter what’s left of them?

A tortured hero.
A grieving heroine.
A serial rapist who won’t give up.

Warning: This book features graphic sexual violence which some readers could find disturbing.

For an excerpt, visit: Christi Snow's blog

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

A #SPeekSunday of Five Minutes in the Closet from Spy Games: Endgame by Mia Downing

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This is my first time doing the Sneak Peek Sunday, and I'm so excited. So today I have for you a selection from Spy Games: Endgame (book 3) set to release very soon. 

The set-up: Secret Agent Charlotte Smith has been assigned as Aaron James' new bodyguard after a botched kidnapping attempt. Aaron wants nothing more than to get into Charlotte's panties, so he's found a way to lure her into a game of Five Minutes in the Closet. Charlotte's not interested in sex at this point, but a little kissing in the dark with the handsome actor sounds more than promising! 

Sneak Peek of six paragraphs from Spy Games: Endgame

Aaron swallowed in the dark, his breathing still ragged. Just smelling him, hearing him increased her need. So surprising that her pussy ached already, the slow throb giving way to a wet flood. When would he turn and kiss her? Damn it, he was wasting time. She could at least enjoy his hard cock rubbing insistently against her clit before his time ran out. 

Maybe he needed a little help. Perhaps she should climb on his lap again. He’d liked it before. However, the submissive side of her that had long been dormant wanted her to wait. Give him a chance. 


He swallowed, loudly. Charlotte swallowed, too, and for the first time in eons she felt vulnerable—she was with a stranger in the dark. Well, maybe he wasn’t really a stranger and she was more than safe, but it was fun to stretch the truth. A large, horny stranger. Who refused to touch her. Jesus, her panties were already beginning to melt and he hadn’t done a damned thing. 


Fabric rustled and his hands groped her shoulders, skimmed up her face, one large palm cupping the back of her head. His other thumb brushed her bottom lip once, twice. Delicious shivers ran up her spine. Why was that erotic? To only have his thumb on her mouth? 

To Be Released SOON 2013!
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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Jake's Getting Lucky! #MFRW's Blog Jump with Mia Downing

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So today I'm featuring an excerpt from Lethal Limits, book two in the Spy Games series. Jake Anderson has never had a problem getting lucky. Women love his easy-going, fun-loving attitude. They know up front he's not looking for strings and they're good with that. 

Unfortunately, Tia Richards feels she has a score to settle, and she's gone to extreme measures to get what she needs...

Excerpt From Spy Games: Lethal Limits

Jake woke, disoriented, his neck and head hurting like hell. He shook his head to clear it and looked up at the ceiling, then lifted his head, his spy senses on full alert. Tia stood before him, leaning against the wall, her black hair cascading over her shoulders in loose curls. Her long fingers paged through a magazine, which was a strange contrast to how she was dressed. 

She had stripped down to a bra, panties, and black thigh-high stockings. So beautiful, those long legs, that creamy few inches of bare skin between her stockings and panties calling to him like a siren’s song. The bra and panties were black, gauzy things that revealed as much as they hid. Her firm breasts thrust forward as she drew in a deep sigh, the nipples pert, ready for his mouth or clamps. 

He went to say something and realized he couldn’t. His mouth wouldn’t open. What the hell? He then tried to move his arm to see to whatever was wrong with his mouth and realized she had him bound to her bed and gagged— probably tape. He hated tape. He wished she’d thought ahead and used a ball gag instead. Not that he’d ever tried one. He usually did the gagging. The binding. 

He wiggled his wrists— more tape. No way was he escaping this easily. But did he want to? 

He glanced down. A cool breeze over his thighs told him he was naked, and a test of one foot revealed she’d bound his legs, too. He broke out into a cold sweat. The idea of being made to submit scared the hell out of him but also excited his wildest dark side. His cock went from flaccid to semi-hard in a nanosecond, and it would just be moments before she had him fully aroused. She had said he would regret what she had planned. He’d soon find out if he did or if he wanted more. Right now, he wanted every twisted thing she had to give him. 

“Ah, you’re awake.” Tia tossed the magazine on the desk next to her. “We have unfinished business.” She ran her finger up the bottom of his foot. It tickled and he jumped. “I didn’t realize you were ticklish, Jake.”

Neither did he.

So what do you think? Some guys would pay good money to be in his position. 

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Friday, April 12, 2013

Let's Get Lucky, Baby! Blog Jump with MFRW and Mia Downing

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If you stick around to the end, I'll give away an e-copy of Spy Games: Trained for Seduction (or one of the others if you've read it!) 

Since my third book in the Spy Games series (Spy Games: Endgame) is releasing VERY soon, I thought it would be fun to get readers caught up on the action. If you've started the series, then you know Chase Sanders feels he's unlucky in love and Lady Luck has it out for him. He's my tall, dark and dangerous spy boss and he's been in love before, only to have Lady Luck slam the door in his face. Now Kate Wells has entered his life and he was doomed to love her from the beginning. Only he's supposed to train her to seduce the enemy, and chances are she won't return from this dangerous mission.

Here's a little excerpt to show you just how much Lady Luck loves to mess with poor Chase. He met her on assignment, disguised as Alexander Bishop. The set up: Kate has just asked Chase to teach her how to seduce, and it's led to her asking a whole bunch of questions Chase just doesn't want to answer! 

Excerpt from: Spy Games: Trained for Seduction

"...You don’t understand what kind of man I am, Kate. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“You’re sorry for what? Fucking me?”

“I’m sorry for being the man you’ll learn to hate.” She opened her mouth, and Chase shook his head. “You will hate me. I’ll send you to hell and back, make you do horrible things, and though the safety of America is worth it to me, I’m not so sure it’s worth it to you. I hate my job for taking someone I saw as so pure and beautiful, and turning her into a fucking hot, killing machine.”

She crossed her arms over her chest, looking tough, mulish. “I don’t regret it one bit. I’m happier now than I ever was in my life, Chase. I’m trapped, sure, but at least there’s some say. At least I know the rules up front.

“With my father, there were no rules. I was smart in the lab, but he found fault with every other aspect of my life and was mentally abusive. He was crazy, delusional, and it would have been a matter of time before he turned on me. He tried to sell my virginity to you, so what else would he have done? I don’t regret Alex kissing me, taking me to third base. And I don’t regret Chase being my first. I don’t regret becoming a fucking hot, killing machine. I feel free.”

“You’re still going to hate me.” He felt as if he were drowning, and she was standing on shore with a life preserver and he couldn’t ask for it, not even to save his life.

“Maybe. But isn’t there the possibility that we might end up loving each other? We have something special. I feel it. I know you do. Our lives don’t have to be hell.”

Chase sighed, closed his eyes for a second, and kissed Lady Luck goodbye forever. “Don’t go there, Kate. Please.”

So what did you think? Is Chase lucky, or doomed? 

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