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I’m starting to take more freelance editing clients. In my “other” life I’m Trish Owens, an editor for a medium-sized romance publishing company, and I have edited for USA Today and Amazon bestselling authors. If you’re looking for a dependable editor who has worked in the industry for over twelve years, you’ve come to the right place.  

I do not offer "sample edits." However, I will talk with you in detail and see what your manuscript needs and get a feel for if we work well together. 

I also write blurbs and other content for authors. Send me an email to ask about pricing.

Visit my blog at: 

What I accept: romance, erotic romance (all genres), erotica, new adult, mainstream women's fiction. If your book doesn't fall in these categories, email me and we'll discuss it. 

Line Edits
For books in need of fresh set of eyes to catch any grammar or punctuation mistakes only. Recommended for a book that has been content or line edited or previously published. 

Pricing: $.007 a word.

Content and Line Editing Bundle:
Have you been rejected by publishers and don’t understand why? Or do you realize your book is missing that special something and you can’t put your finger on it? This bundle covers all the bases—from plot holes, pacing issues, and lack of conflict to grammar and punctuation fixes. 

Pricing: $0.01 cents per word for first round. 
             $0.005 per word for second round.

Timeframe: After scheduling an appointment:

Under 50 K takes 10 business days. 
Over 50 K can take 14-20 business days.

Not Seeing What You Need? 
Drop me a line and tell me what you're seeking. I'll do what I can to work with you.

I’ve formatted professionally for a publisher for 8 years, preparing professional products for both print and digital books. A digital only format is a different layout than a print format, which is why there are prices for each.

Formatting Fees:
Digital formatting only, no images: Epub, Epub3, Mobi: $50.00 (no Word.doc or PDF)
Print formatting only, no images: PDF and Word .doc set up for Createspace: $75.00
Print and Digital Bundle (Epub, Mobi, PDF, Word .doc): $75.00

Smashwords: This is a special format that takes additional time depending on size of book.
Books with images: Inquire about prices.

Contact Information or
Please put EDITING in the subject line

 “I’ve been lucky enough to be able to call Mia my editor for several years now. The insights and feedback she provides to me in my books is irreplaceable. I honestly would not be able to write near as well as I do without her. Every book she teaches me better writing craft, making me a stronger writer, and helping to make my books the epitome of professional quality. I highly recommend her least until she gets too busy to do my editing, and then I take it all back. I call first dibs.”

~Christi Snow, Amazon Bestselling romance author

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