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Savanna Kougar Serves Up Kandy Apple and Her Hellhounds And A Contest! #menage

Today we have Savanna Kougar serving up some spicy Halloween goodness with a contest and some juicy inside deets about Kandy Apple and Her Hellhounds. Stay tuned to the end to see how to win a PDF copy of this spicy treat!


Did You Ever Want to Be a Witch... not just for Halloween?
by Savanna Kougar

All Hallow's Eve is upon us, and it's the season of my witch heroine, Kandace, and her beastly but gentlemanly hellhounds, Zol and Zin. When I first decided to write my witch erotic romance, Kandy Apple and Her Hellhounds, the foggy swirling tendrils of Halloween had cast its spell over my muse.

Then, of course, instead of the short, Halloween-theme romance menage I'd planned on writing, Kandy's story became a novel. My muse is notoriously sneaky that way.

Did you ever want to be a witch, a real witch? Meaning: born with witchy powers rather than a Wiccan, a woman who studies and practices the craft... thus, gaining her powers.

My love affair with good witches, beautiful witches began with Samantha from the original TV series, "Bewitched" [1964-1972]. I coveted her powers as a young teenager. After all, what exciting fun that would be! A snap of your fingers and your room is clean, all the chores done. A twitch of your nose and there’s the dress, the outfit of your dreams.

More important to my way of thinking, magical powers meant you could right every wrong. Help others. Oh, what a heady fantasy that was.

Even though I adored the character, Samantha, and her witchly magic, I also liked what she represented as a woman. She was good-at-heart and took a strong stand against her meddling mother. Endora could not abide mere humans.

What I didn't care for was when Samantha cowtowed to her husband, Darrin -- typical and expected behavior for that time period. My witch heroine, Kandace, cowtows to no one, and differs from Samantha in other key ways.

She is her own unique woman. Also, I made certain her heroes deserved their Kandy Apple... unlike Darrin who didn't deserve Samantha, imo. 

And, yes, back in the day I learned how to twitch my nose. Of course, not nearly as wonderfully as the actress, Elizabeth Montgomery, who starred as the beautiful *married to a mere mortal* witch.

To be honest, despite all the Halloween-ad hype I grew up with as a kid in the fifties -- where witches were portrayed as ugly evil creatures, often covered by warts because they handled frogs -- well, I never bought into that view of witches. Some deep part of me never believed, never got onboard with that horror-spooky, broomstick ride.

Okay, to fast forward... once the ‘beautiful white witch’ Sybil Leek arrived on the cultural scene, appearing on the TV talks shows, I became fascinated with the 'old nature ways'. Likely, given my Celtic heritage, this fascination is partly due to genetic 'remembrance'. According to some scientists your genes carry the experiences of your ancestors, even their memories.

Anyway, I devoured Sybil Leek's books, "My Life In Astrology" and "Diary Of a Witch" (1968). At that point in time, I made a study of witches as women of the craft -- women who perform magickal rituals in accordance with nature to bring about a desired result. Well, I tingled. I resonated.

While I've never formally walked the Wiccan path, I feel a connection to the sacred truths of Nature. Here's a bit of revealing info I just heard on Coast to Coast am, nighttime radio. The guest, Judika Illes, author of numerous encyclopedic books on paranormal subjects, talked about the recent discovery of a secret, spell-making code. For example 'bat wing' was code for the plant Holly, because the leaves resemble bat wings.

Given my life path, it became irresistible -- the urge to write my own real witch heroine, my Kandy Apple. Yes, that is Kandace's nickname, especially around Halloween. She has a riotous mane of red hair and adores wearing the color red.

My original working title was Kandy Apple For Halloween. Kinda cheesy, but Zol and Zin, being canines, wanted to lick their Kandy Apple for Halloween, once they witnessed her slide down the bannister at a society-swank charity event... albeit, she was invisible to everyone else.

So to end my blog, here's a little tease. Ever wonder about the secret life of Hades' hellhounds? How about what it's like living in our current world as a real witch. Ever wonder what it would be like if two hellbeastly hot shapeshifters -- in and out of bed -- wanted only you?

For a fun and fierce ride where no broomsticks were harmed in the writing of this erotic love novel, but the bad sorceresses and the villains are magickally harmed,  check out KANDY APPLE AND HER HELLHOUNDS


Kandace doesn’t know why she’s a real witch. Despite her powers, she can’t find her bio parents. When the Tuxedo Twins tempt her with knowledge about her heritage at a charity event, Kandace agrees to dance with the mysterious Supernaturals. Unexpectedly, they are threatened by the omnipresent evil she’s been warned about in her dreams. To keep from being enslaved, Kandace brings forth her greater magick. But, to save her homeworld, she needs her hellhounds.

Zolivar and Zindale, two of Hades’ most mission-accomplished Hellhounds, see a witch sliding down the bannister after her heist of a painting. Spellbound, they know they’ve found just the right Kandy Apple to lick for Halloween. With every passion, Zin and Zol woo their chosen witch. Yet, will their Triad mate stay once she learns they can’t fall in love like humans? Or, will she return to her homeworld? Their very lives are at stake.



Kandace thought she heard the slide of clothing, and decided the other twin disrobed. In a lovely delirium of passion, she didn’t move to find out for certain. Besides, Zol or Zin’s lips tempted the small of her back, placing a beautiful-feeling kiss.
Kandace doubted any man had ever kissed her there. Certainly not like that. Not this feeling of I’m in sex paradise.

Sensually, he nuzzled her skin. The prowess of his mouth teased her, then pleased her with more long kisses. In absolute ecstasy, Kandace went limp.

She whimpered as his hands flowed down her arms. He palmed her hips beneath her skirt and his lips deserted her back. With clever fingers, he slowly eased her pantyhose downward and over her butt.

“Yes, naked,” she murmured.

“Not yet, darling Kandy.” His soft growl was a command.

The waistband of her pantyhose captured her knees. Smoothly stroking, he roamed his hands up and down the entire length of her thighs.

Goddess, they had the best, most sensually pleasurable hands in the universe. “What are you going to do to me, you bad hellhound?”

“Enjoy the shape of your bare ass.”

His lips grazed one of her butt cheeks and languidly nibbled. When his incredible kisses claimed the curves of her ass, Kandace moaned, “Oh, yes.”

Seductively, he nuzzled beneath the fullest flesh of her butt, then nipped her with his lips, his passion obvious. His mouth moved higher, tantalizing her with more kisses.

“I swear I’m a puddle of flame for you.” Kandace had never felt anything like this red-hot insanity of need. Her pussy begged to be noticed -- it was so wet and wanton.

Raising her ass high, he seized her legs above her knees, and her bouffant skirt brushed her back. Kandace grabbed white satin, attempting to fist the bedspread, but it was too slippery.

A dark rumble of lust sounded close by. “Lick her. I want to watch our Kandy Apple blaze out of control.”

“Oh lick, yes,” she managed to say.

Was there any breath left inside her body?

“Red as sin and cherries, brother.”

Kandace quivered inside. She felt her pussy folds swell in anticipation, an ultra sexy sensation. Unexpectedly, his tongue tip probed her slit. The gentle exploration sent a jolt of ecstasy through her mound.
“More,” she whispered. “Please ”

She hadn’t finished speaking when he licked the length of her sex seam. The smooth finesse of his tongue made Kandace keen a long whimper. Desperately, she hoped for more.

Zin or Zol didn’t disappoint.

He lapped her pussy slit in the same way, but with a steadiness that erotically pulsed her flesh. Her entire body melted, then pleasurably throbbed.

Kandy Apple and Her Hellhounds
Available at Siren-Bookstrand 
and at the usual EBOOK and PRINT vendors.

Where to find Savanna Kougar on the Web...

Savanna also blogs at:

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GIVEAWAY ~ If you think you'd enjoy a witchy erotic romance with hellhounds working for the Good Side, leave a comment, and 'one' of you will be magically selected to receive a PDF copy of Kandy Apple and Her Hellhounds.

Have a Magickal Season of the Witch!


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~ 

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Lisa Eugene, Surrender My Love, and Finding Time To Write!

Today we have erotic romance author, Lisa Eugene, and her amusing quest for writing time! She's also got a steamy excerpt from her latest release, Surrender My Love, and is giving away a copy of Steal My Heart to one lucky comment leaverSnuggle in with a blanket (it's chilly here!) and relax with a little something spicy! 




Working full time, three kids and a husband (really four kids) makes finding time to write very difficult! Literally, there are many times I’ve taken my laptop into my closet and snuggled into a comfy corner. The problem is that I get so immersed in my characters and my scenes that I forget where I am until a loud voice or a scream (usually a scream) intrudes and I realize that I’m sitting on the floor, in the dark, in the cold, with a pair of slacks wrapped around my neck and my toes tucked into a sweater vest keeping me warm! Sometimes, I’ll start talking to one of my characters or whoop really loud because one of them has done something hilarious. That’s usually a dead giveaway that mommy’s in the closet again. There are times when my kids will come in to ask me questions then leave and pull the door close. My husband once came in while I was writing a steamy sex scene and ended up staying awhile. I needed to rehang a few items after he left, but damn, that sex scene turned out great! Overall, my family has been very understanding about the time I need, and about how I get so engrossed in my characters. My husband can sometimes get a little surly, especially if I accidentally call him by my current hero’s name (I’ve learned that’s a total no-no!) The only way to placate him is to remind him that all my heroes are absolutely gorgeous and hung like a stallion. I beg him for forgiveness because…hmmm…the similarities are just so close. That usually puts a smile on his face and I’m free to return to the sanctuary of my closet! The problem is that I never know where creativity will strike or where the end to a crazy scene will finally become clear. It could be while I’m at the playground with my son, or at work, or in the bath. My husband says I go into a trance, my eyes roll excitedly, and I start speaking in tongues. Hmmm…doesn’t every writer do that? It’s called having a creative moment! At any given time I may have a bag full of coffee cups with scribbles, napkins with paragraphs written in eyeliner, or yes, even leaves with strange markings that are only recognizable to me. These things I will protect with my life until I’m able to get to my laptop. And God save the person who accidentally tosses them out!!! Spontaneous creativity may only strike once so I try my damnedest to jump in its path!


Blurb for Surrender My Love:

Patients are dying at Washington Memorial Hospital and no one knows why….

Nurse Chloe Bennett is a dedicated healer. Her job means everything to her, and she needs it to support her family. When she finds herself in the middle of yet another Code Blue, she questions the unexplained deaths. 

Doctor Brad Markson is a world renowned cardiac surgeon. Brilliant, powerful, and sinfully sexy! He does not tolerate losing patients. When his patient mysteriously dies, he looks for answer.

The two work together to unravel the sinister events surrounding the deaths at Washington Memorial Hospital, and soon find themselves fighting for their lives in this fast paced, erotic thriller. When Chloe becomes the center of suspicion, she is surprised to find she has an ally in the gorgeous Dr. Markson. 

Shy, sweet, Chloe is unable to resist him with his sultry blue eyes and wickedly sexy smile. His passionate kisses ignite her body, and his mere touch induces shivering pleasure. She doesn't know if she’s ready to give away her heart after her traumatic past, and Brad is battling career demons of his own. 

Can the two learn to trust each other? Will they live long enough to find love and happiness…or will there be two more deaths?


Excerpt from Surrender My Love:

“I want to touch you. Take off your clothes.”

Brad tsked and shook his head sternly. “That’s not my will right now.”

Her gaze lowered to where he opened his pants and pushed the edges aside. He delved in and drew out the throbbing length of his cock. She swallowed hard, her hips tilting instinctively, the muscles of her channel fluttering with greedy anticipation. His cock was beautiful. Visibly pulsing. Long and thick with a network of engorged veins climbing up the straining length. The mushroom head was overly fat and shiny, weeping streaks of pre-come. She couldn’t see his testicles hidden in the folds of his pants, but she imagined they were drawn just as tense as his shaft. A shock of black curls escaped the fabric, peeking around the wide girth. She stared, thinking she’d never get used to the raw power of his beautiful body or the clutching need he evoked in her.

Brad’s gaze fixed on her face, hot and sultry and unreadable. His eyes were hooded, displaying a tiny crescent of color. Chloe felt locked in a haze of lust, a palpable thing that infiltrated her mind and clawed at her body for a physical connection to this man. She still couldn’t figure out what he wanted from her, why he’d tied her. It was patently obvious that she wanted him desperately at the moment, that she wasn’t going anywhere.

His gaze broke away from her face and made a leisurely stroll down her body, stopping to linger between her legs. He used his palms on her knees to push back and roll up her hips, exposing her to his avid gaze. With a deep belly moan, he lowered his head and beat his tongue back and forth over her nub, deliriously lashing it to a tight bud. Chloe arched and called out, a vocal quiver that gave voice to the pleasure stabbing through her body.

“Oh, God! God! That’s sooo good! Please!”

Brad’s head shot up and he met her gaze. She had trouble focusing on his face, but could see a tiny grin split his lips and a dimple dig into his cheek.

“Just Brad will do, thanks. And save the amens for later.”

She bit her lip, trying to process his facetious comment, but just then, all thought spun away as he gripped his cock and dragged the bulging head slowly through her slick folds. He drew tight circles and scribbled his way along her sensitive flesh, torturing nerve endings to a screaming frenzy. Chloe jerked her hips, desperate for him to fill her. Whimpers and moans gurgled from her throat, but his hand kept urgently working his hot shaft against her, sliding and bumping, and making her mad with desperate lust.

“What do you want, Chloe?” His rough voice broke through her haze. She saw tight strain on his face while dark desire soaked his eyes, and she was glad she wasn’t the only one gripped with this brutal need.


Brad groaned, a feral rumbling, and she felt him nudge her opening, stretching her flesh with a delicious slide that pulsed bliss through her channel. His bloated tip slid in, and he pumped a few shallow beats, then withdrew with a snarling moan.

“Fuck! That’s good!” He breathed harshly.

Chloe’s hips writhed off the bed. She closed her eyes and struggled for a breath, suffering the acute loss of his abandonment.

Oh, God. This. Man. Was. Killing. Her.

Her nipples were hard and tingling, her skin overly sensitive, and a deep burn fired her sex. She was dripping wet and shaking with her need for him.

“Like that, Chlo? Is that what you want?”

She nodded, unable to form words. More. She wanted much, much more.

“I see…” He held his shaft in his hand, slowly stroking from tip to base. Holding it out so she could peruse its magnificence. His cock was enormously distended, the wide head coated with their fluids. The carnal sight had her tugging hard on her bond. She craved him so desperately it physically hurt. “Hmmm…so you want my cock, is that it? You want me fucking you deep, am I right?” His gaze met hers and she was mesmerized with his intensity; his blue eyes were bottomless wells and she wanted to dive into the limpid dark pools. “You need me. Say it.”

Chloe blinked. What?

“Say it.”

“Fu—fuck me, Brad.”

“No! Say you need me. Say it, dammit!”

“I—I ne—need you.”

She stared, her body thrumming wildly, her brain scrambling her thoughts in a shuffle. What is this about? She tested the restraint.

“You won’t run…”

“I won’t run.”

“You need me.”

Didn’t I say that already? Can’t we just get on with it?

“I need you.” She swallowed, tasting the truth of her words. She thought she saw emotion cloud his eyes, bleeding through the blue.

“I need you to surrender, Chloe.”

Surrender My Love is available at...


About Lisa Eugene...
Lisa Eugene lives on Long Island, NY with her husband and three rambunctious kids. She's been a nurse for over twenty years and is still practicing. Between juggling a full time job and being a soccer mom, she enjoys a good romance.


Lisa is giving away a copy of Steal My Heart to one lucky comment leaver! Here's the blurb. It sounds spicy hot and has a ton of great reviews on Amazon! What a treat! 

Blurb for Steal My Heart... (and Amazon link)

Maggie Lawson is an OR nurse, a certified germaphobe! She likes to keep things clean and orderly. When she meets Ex-Navy SEAL, Gabe Masters, he’s disguised as a dingy dirty hobo. She cringes as she’s forced to use her nursing skills to revive him. She soon finds that he’s a ‘dirty boy’ in more ways than one! After being forced to do his bidding, she unwittingly gets entangled in a dangerous, fast-paced, sexy adventure that tests the boundaries of her spirit and the capacity of her heart. Gabe’s passion spirals her to unimaginable heights. She soon starts to wonder if he is the real danger. Will she succumb to this ‘dirty boy’ who’s keeping secrets about his past, or will she chose to keep things clean?

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Slave to Passion Blog Tour! Interview with Author Sarah O' Rourke #contest

If you're looking for Sable Hunter's Halloween Blog Hop
Click here or scroll down (I double booked. My bad.)

Today we have Sarah O'Rourke's Blog Tour for her newest release, Slave to Passion, book 2 in the The Estate series! This is a really fun interview, seeing I didn't realize I would be getting double for my money (read on to figure that one out!) There's also a tour-wide giveaway at the bottom, with 3 great prizes! Leave a comment and fiddle with the Rafflecopter thingie to enter to win! 



Interview questions for Sarah O'Rourke!

Tell us a little about yourself. 
Sarah O’Rourke is actually a pair of authors, and we refer to ourselves as Crazy 1 and Crazy 2.  Best friends who have been writing together for almost 5 years, we are both Southern born and bred and have a tendency to drawl our words to the point where our northern-born husbands ask for translators.  We are both mommies, and we both regularly have our prescriptions of Xanax refilled in order to continue being mommies.  There is no shame in our game!

Quick round:
Coffee, tea or…what’s your vice?  
Crazy 1:  Cappuccino Blasts from Baskin Robbins….I gotta have one a day!  
Crazy 2:  Sweet’s not possible to make it through the day without a cup of sugar with my tea, you know!

Favorite Movie:  
Both of us love Steel the point where we can quote it and annoy the hell out of our husbands.

Favorite Color:  
Crazy 1 says Green...
Crazy 2 says magenta...we make a lovely color wheel!

Favorite book/author: 
All time Fave:  Crazy 1:  Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell    
Crazy 2:  To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
Fave erotica: The Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day....waiting NOT SO PATIENTLY for the next book!!

How do you feel about bacon?  
I feel bad for the pig…just not enough to boycott the tasty treat.

Now for the serious questions... 

What’s under your bed? 
Dust bunnies.  I really need to do something about that.  They’re growing their own little farm in there and about to unionize....

What comes first, plot or characters? 
For me, characters…or rather, the kind of character I want to write.  The plot usually forms around them.  

Pantser, plotter, or hybrid? Tell us about your writing process.
 I’m more a hybrid.  I do plot, but usually not until I’m 20,000 words into the story.  Until then, it’s all about stream of consciousness writing for me.   We also have a strange partnership in writing – we often talk about the story over and over again, and then Crazy 1 will write it while Crazy 2 will edit and re-write, then send it back to Crazy 1 for review.  We know we’re strange...and we’re okay with that!

Oddest thing on your desk?
At the moment?  My son’s house shoe, which is a dinosaur clodhopper complete with claws.  He will reclaim it soon and will stomp around the house doing his best impression of a T-Rex. 

What’s your most interesting writing quirk?
I do my best writing when the house is so clean that I smell bleach. This might be an addiction, but I am not so worried that I’m looking for a 12-step program. 

What’s your favorite thing about the genre you write in?
It’s a very freeing experience to produce erotica.  I can write about things I’d never ACTUALLY do inside my own marriage bed. 

What is the hardest thing about being an author?
Honestly?  I’d say it’s wondering if the story you’re trying to convey to the readers is actually coming across the page/screen to them.   It’s very hard to not get immediate feedback and spend time worrying that what was in my mind wasn’t conveyed well.

What’s the easiest thing about being an author?
The hours.  I write when the mood strikes...this may be from midnight to 4 AM or from noonish onward!

Tell us about your latest release!
Slave to Passion is the second book in The Estate series, but each book is a stand alone and does not have to be read as part of the series. We were very excited to publish this newest release because both of us truly enjoyed writing about the wonders of The Estate, which is a secretive, members-only club where decadence meets delicious depravity!

In Slave to Passion, Madison Laurant is successful in life...but
repressed in the bedroom. Her desires are barely contained under the surface, just waiting to be stoked and fanned into a raging inferno by the one man brave enough to conquer her defenses...her law partner, Hunter DeLuca.

Hunter knows exactly what Madison needs, even if she isn't yet aware of it herself. And when she finds herself enjoying the delicious depravity that The Estate offers, she realizes how much she has missed in her life!

Slave to Passion is graphic erotica mixed with a steamy, romantic plot that will keep you begging for more.

You can purchase Slave to Passion for only $2.99 at Amazon

Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity! We greatly appreciate your time and your willingness to open your page to a new author!!


Author Bio
Sarah O'Rourke is the alter ego of two best friends who bonded over their passion for romantic fiction and erotica. Born and raised in the southern United States, one lives near Louisville, Kentucky, while the other resides in Atlanta, Georgia. Formerly an accountant and a chemist, they are now overworked, stay-at-home moms who adore their children, their husbands...and writing about love in every way possible.

Social Media Links


Purchase Links


Sarah O'Rourke's Tour-wide Giveaway! (open until 10/28)

First Prize $25.00 Amazon giftcard
Second Prize a set of all 6 of Sarah’s available ebooks
Third Prize ebook copy of The Estate and Slave to Passion

Utilize the Rafflecopter thingie as instructed and leave a comment with your email (I'm not sure what's needed to win, so we'll cover all the bases.) I'll keep the contest on my blog open until Monday, 10/28. Void where prohibited and all that happy official stuff. :) 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sable Hunter's Halloween Blog Hop Mia ChatsAbout Costumes and #Contest

Welcome to my second day on Sable's Halloween Blog Hop! 

I have mixed feelings about Halloween. As a kid growing up in Northern Maine by the Canadian border it was a holiday often visited by snow. It's hard to trick or treat in a winter coat. I liked it better when we moved to southern Maine, then later New Hampshire. Less snow, though it was still cold. We didn't carve any pumpkins or put up any decorations. I have no clue what I went as, but I remember going as a ghost in a sheet, it ripping and me making an angel or something out of it, on the fly. :-)

Flash forward a few years and now I have my own set of brats darling angels. My son loved trick or treating and was all for getting candy from people. We live in the sticks so they would give out full-sized candy bars for your efforts. His most memorable costume was a pig (complete with tail and nose! I made it.) and he'd done the firefighter thing a few times, especially after 9/11.

My daughter was skeptical about Halloween right from age three. You have to realize we live in a small town where you know a lot of your neighbors. My mother-in-law is a librarian so we get the scoop. But still, DD thought the idea was peculiar. 

DD: These are STRANGERS. We're eating candy from strangers?
Me: Oh, we know them. 
DD: How? What are their names? Where do we know them from?
Me: Look, we got candy from them last year and we're all alive. Go. Get me something good. 

Her most memorable costume: She went as a mummy at age 4. I made the costume and OMG it rocked! 

Contest details! 
So today I want to know what your favorite Halloween costume is, either something you've worn, your kids have worn, or you've seen on TV. Or hey, if you hate it, tell me that, too. I'm giving away a $10 Amazon gift card and an e-book! Leave a comment and your email! 

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Lauren Linwood, Her Love Of Gum And A Taste of her Latest, OutLaw Muse

Today we have author Lauren Linwood! Her latest release, Outlaw Muse, is a western romance with great reviews on Amazon. I love historicals and westerns, so this is definitely on my to-read list! She's also very funny and loves bacon. Check out the interview and enjoy the excerpt from Outlaw Muse


Lauren Linwood Interview questions… .

Quick round:
Coffee, tea or…what’s your vice?
I’m a huge tea drinker, hot or cold. I love sampling different herbal flavors. Right now some of my favorites are blueberry, apple cinnamon, peach, and pomegranate. Tea’s not vice . . . it’s a necessity in life . . . as is wine and dark chocolate, the darker the better.

Favorite Movie:
The Usual Suspects is my favorite movie. It’s quirky, features a yummy Gabriel Byrne in his prime, and has a killer twist of an ending that stays with you long after the credits roll.

Favorite Color:
I was a blue girl all my life until I found myself pregnant and wildly attracted to a vibrant red. That passion for red has never gone away (although purple is clamoring for the top spot these days).

Favorite book/author:
To Kill a Mockingbird is a book I read every year. It just speaks to my soul. My favorite author is Harlan Coben. Pick up any book of his and you’re guaranteed immersion in a thrill ride.

How do you feel about bacon?
Bacon should be a food group unto itself. I practically worship at the altar of bacon, especially if it’s center-cut. And while I’ve given turkey bacon a fighting chance, it just didn’t cut the mustard for me.

The REAL questions… 

Tell us a little about yourself. 
Growing up, I always wanted to wear a cast on my broken arm and have people sign it. So what did I go break? My collarbone. Try having people sign an Ace bandage wrapped around you as if you were a mummy. So not cool.

I was a drill team officer and could perform any routine where I was taught where to be on what count. Put me on a dance floor and turn me loose? I look worse than Elaine Benes trying to dance on Seinfeld!

I always name the car I buy. My favorite name was the Mazda Miata convertible I bought located on a dealership at Carl Road. He became Karl Convertible (KC for short). I’ve also drive Sid Civic and currently zip around town in Silverado.

What’s under your bed?
Storage! It’s the coolest thing to have 4 drawers and NO dust bunnies or lost shoes or a cat hiding smack in the middle just before a vet trip. I get 2 drawers (1 with my T-shirts and 1 with yoga and workout pants). Who knows what’s on my hubby’s side of the bed?

What comes first, plot or characters?
The name of my hero and heroine. Until I hit on the right name, nothing moves forward. After the name, I start seeing a physical person in my head, then the personality and characteristics emerge.

Pantser, plotter, or hybrid? Tell us about your writing process.
I’ve written books all 3 ways! What seems to work best for me is a single page outline with phrases. For Outlaw Muse some of the phrases were: Serena ride Orphan train / Daman come to American West / Daman interrupt Serena’s execution / Take off!

That gives me a broad picture to work with. I can play with the how and what as I write and the plot becomes more specific. It also gives my characters a lot of room to venture off. And believe me, they do that kind of thing all the time!

Oddest thing on your desk?
A Mickey Mouse music box from Disney World.

What’s your most interesting writing quirk?
I really like to chew gum when I write. And I don’t mean chew … I mean CHOMP! As the action picks up or the love scene gets hot, I chew harder and faster.

What’s your favorite thing about the genre you write in?
I like the ‘happily ever after’ aspect to romance. I believe in the power of love, and I enjoy creating characters who, no matter what obstacles are placed in their way, will do anything to be with the person they love. That happy ending where they’ve beaten the odds and come together as soul mates is the big payoff.

What is the hardest thing about being an author?
Plotting. Sometimes it flows and sometimes the riverbed runs dry.

What’s the easiest thing about being an author?
Getting to pull the people from my head and bring them to life on the page for others to enjoy.

Tell us about your latest release!

 Outlaw Muse is a story of two strangers on the run. Schoolmarm Serena Sullivan is set to hang for murder when English playwright Daman Rutledge rescues her. They flee with a crooked sheriff in hot pursuit. Along the way, Daman finds the missing muse he’s searched for while Serena discovers her missing twin brother she was separated from during the Orphan Train selection process years ago. And naturally, they have to fall in love and prove Serena’s innocence by the end.


Blurb for Outlaw Muse...

Separated from her twin during the Orphan Train selection, schoolmarm Serena Sullivan searched for her brother Bill over fifteen years. Just as she gets a lead on his whereabouts, she is railroaded by a crooked sheriff and set to hang for the murder of the sheriff’s best friend. 

English playwright Daman Rutledge has come to the American West on business for his brother when he witnesses a woman about to be executed. On impulse he rescues the beautiful stranger and goes on the run with her across the Kansas prairie. Along the way Daman finds the muse he’s been missing and loses his heart to the raven-haired beauty with haunting amber eyes.

As they try to escape the long arm of the law, Daman seeks to prove Serena’s innocence before it’s too late. They find love—and the truth—on a journey that changes their lives.

An excerpt from Outlaw Muse...

“I’ll give you money to purchase a ticket. The agent needs to remember you, so flirt a little for good measure.”

Serena grimaced. “Just because I purchase a ticket doesn’t mean I set foot on a train. Sheriff Parker may be mule-headed, Mr. Rutledge, but he’s not stupid. He would find out I’m not on it.”

Daman’s smile gave her pause. “Oh, you’ll get on the train, Miss Sullivan. You’ll just get off it before it goes very far.”

“And I suppose I would simply jump off?” Serena said in an off-hand manner, but the look in Daman’s eyes took her aback. “You can’t be serious! You actually want me to leap? Off a moving train?” 

Daman frowned. “Leap might be too strong a word. If you’ll ease over the gate and step down as you let go of the railing, you’ll be right as rain. I’ve seen fellows run and jump onto a train. Getting off shouldn’t be nearly as difficult.”

“Have you ever done it yourself?” she demanded.

“Not yet. Besides, if you do fall and skin a knee?” Mischief blanketed his features. “You are a little worse for the wear. I shouldn’t think a tumble would hurt your appearance much.”

“And once I’m off the train, with my knees possibly scraped, what then?”

Daman nodded reassuringly. “Why, I’ll be waiting there, Miss Sullivan.”

Outlaw Muse is available at:


Lauren Linwood Author Bio and Links

As a child, Lauren Linwood gathered her neighborhood friends together and made up stories for them to act out, her first venture into creating memorable characters. Following her passion for history and love of learning, she became a teacher who began writing on the side to maintain her sanity in a sea of teenage hormones.

Lauren’s novels focus on two of her favorite eras, medieval times and the American Old West. History is the backdrop that places her characters in extraordinary circumstances, where their intense desire and yearning for one another grows into the deep, tender, treasured gift of love.

Lauren, a native Texan, lives in a Dallas suburb with her family. An avid reader, moviegoer, and sports fan, she manages stress by alternating yoga with five mile walks. She is thinking about starting a support group for Pinterest and House Hunters addicts.

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Kathy L Wheeler Chats Where Were You When And Lies That Bind

Today we have guest blogger Kathy L Wheeler discussing her road to publication and success. You'll really enjoy her excerpt and cover from Lies That Bind, too! 


Where were you when ~~~ by Kathy L Wheeler

When I was an aspiring writer (seven years ago) and sitting in my first Oklahoma Romance Writers of America meeting at the Belle Isle Library in Oklahoma City listening to some thirty authors (both published and unpublished) introduce themselves, and talk about the different agents, editors and other people they knew in the industry, I was terrified. I thought, “How will I ever learn all of this?”

It was overwhelming, to say the least. But now, indeed, seven years later, I have, viola, seven books out to date.

Am I successful? Yes! Okay, so it’s not overnight—but then, is anyone’s success overnight? I think not, it just may appear so. (The best of my journey is still ahead.)

Receiving rejection after rejection can be disheartening, certainly, but what are you going to do? Quit? Of course not. (Jayne Ann Krentz says you are allowed one day to mope then get rid of the letter. Great advice, btw.)

Instead, I set out to enhance my understanding of the craft, attend conferences, put my stories out for obliteration critique, meet other authors, visit other readers (because first and foremost I am a reader), and complete each manuscript to the best of my (and my critique partners) ability. Even when the darn things refuse to cooperate from the images in my brain to the dexterity of my fingers. (You see, on some occasions they do not see eye to eye.)

In correlation, it sort of reminded me of something I heard on the sports radio network. The analysts are quite annoying on most occasions, but they were speaking about the NBA draft and what good any particular player might be if he was not one of the first seven players selected.

Let’s think about that for a moment. There are thirty-two teams in the NBA. That means that only thirty-two players per year are selected in the first round. And out of those thirty-two, only seven are outstanding per year? Really?

I think it might be interesting to see where certain players were drafted in their careers.

Here are a few examples:

Dallas Maverick, Dirk Nowitzki – 1998 #9

LA Lakers, Kobe Bryant – 1996 #13

Memphis Grizzly, Marc Gasol – 1997 #30

San Antonio Spur, Tony Parker – 2001 #28

OKC Thunder, Kevin Durant – 2007 # 2 (Okay, I threw him in because he’s my favorite. He should have been #1—but I digress. . .)

My point is just because you weren’t one of the first twelve picks does not mean you aren’t great at what you do.

The same applies to writing, if not more so, just because of the sheer volume of books in any one particular area, not to mention the self publishing phenomenon we are experiencing. Our stories in different genres, subgenres, styles, fiction, non-fiction. . . the list is virtually endless. Am I good at what I do? Absolutely. Will I please everyone? Absolutely not.

Would I love if it you loved my books? Duh!

Will you pass the word? That would be fabulous.

But if you don’t care for my style, that’s okay. I’m the first to admit I am picky regarding my reads. There’s just too little time to spend on things I don’t fully enjoy. I know in my heart of hearts that when I write “The End” to one of my books, I’ve succeeded where many have failed. Will I be a NY Times Bestseller? Only time will tell. And if not? Well, another day, another story.

The satisfaction in completing something that is 7 pages or 307 pages is nothing short of miraculous. This is my definition of success. Thank you for taken the time in spending this moment with me.

Kathy L Wheeler


Blurb for Lies That Bind...Would a modern day woman marry for convenience to protect the identity of her daughter? Yes! But, Kelly Mancer doesn’t want a man. Any man. But danger has a way of changing a woman’s mind.

Alex Gentry needs Kelly Mancer, but convincing her to help him in his pursuit of a dangerous enemy who’s enamored his younger sister would not be easy. Soon the tables turn and Kelly becomes the prey. Alex may save his sister, but at what cost?
An excerpt from Lies That Bind...
She slid under the water to rinse the conditioner from her tangled hair. Let the heat seep into her sore muscles. She stayed under until she was forced to rise for air.


“What the f…”

“Uh- uh-uh,” Alex reprimanded, wagging a finger.

She sputtered water. “Where’s Taylor?”

“Happily, cleaning the kitchen, on her own.” He grinned, turning her insides to mush.

“You bribed her?”

“Of course not. I told you, she’s happy to do it.” Alex sat on the closed seat of the toilet, legs stretched before him crossed at the ankles, arms folded, holding a piece of paper.

“You should respect my privacy.”

“I am. I’m sitting over here, aren’t I? When I’d rather be in there.” He pointed. “With you. Besides, I brought you more coffee.”

“You did?” She’d forgive him anything for that. Her irritation shifted to gratitude.

Alex handed over a new cup to her outstretched hand. One glance, showed he’d doctored it. His eyes, burning with heat, never lifted from the water.

“Did you want something, barging in here?” She eyed the paper he held warily.

He looked up quickly, clearing his throat. “Oh, yes. I…I wanted to ask if you were all right?”

“I’m fine,” she said. “Thank you for asking.”

“And I want to talk to you about Eck—”

“We don’t have to talk about sex.”

“Sex?” he echoed. Alex shook his head, drawing a quick smile from her. Apparently, he’d been as affected as she. “No, I want to talk about Eckert.”


“Can you think of a better time?” He leaned forward and dropped a kiss on her lips. “You’re naked, warm.”

Her cheeks flamed. “What’s that in your hand?”

“This?” Alex waved the paper in the air. “Colorado marriage requirements. I just printed them. Off Colorado’s state site.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” she snapped. “We are not getting married. I told you last night, we could just say we did it back then.”

“Did it?” he repeated, narrowing his eyes on her.

That bland tone might land him in the lake, she fumed. Or the creek. One hardly mattered over the other.

“Kelly, think of Taylor. If Eckert saw you with her, he might put the timeline together. Maybe demand a DNA test. If we were married, no one would question anything. No one has to know we just made the union legal. People will think what we want them to think. Even that bastard. Better yet, Taylor can’t slip up and say we aren’t.”

Damn it, he had a point. She narrowed her eyes on him. “What makes you think I’ll see Eckert? You said there wasn’t any chance.”

“Just in case,” he hedged.

Kelly stopped as his words penetrated. “Are you telling me . . .” The need to think was overcome by the onslaught of a panic attack. Her chest constricted limiting her ability to breathe. “There’s a chance…You’re telling her there’s chance I’ll see­—” She couldn’t even say his name, at this point. She’d kill Alex. But first she’d marry the son of a bitch and take him for everything he owned.


About Kathy L Wheeler... 

Kathy L Wheeler was born in Presque Isle, Maine. How she ended up in Texas, then Oklahoma is as much a mystery to her as anyone. She graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma with a BA in Management Information Systems and a minor in Vocal Music.

She has been writing steadily for only a few years but has multiple completed manuscripts. She is published through The Wild Rose Press. An avid traveler, ports of call include a three week stint in Europe covering Madrid, Barcelona, Avignon, Paris, Koln, Amsterdam and London.  Other exciting places she’s visited are Grand Cayman, Puerta Vallerta, Mexico, Vancouver, Canada, and roaming from one romance writing conference to another nationwide.  You may have met her in Seattle, Dallas, San Francisco, San Diego, Orlando, New York or Atlanta.  She is an active member of the Oklahoma Outlaws RWA Chapter.
Kathy lives in Edmond, Oklahoma with her musically talented husband.  They have one grown daughter and one bossy cat, Carly!

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