Thursday, September 2, 2021

Chasing Time Release Day! WOOT! #timetravel #romance #HEA #yesplease

Today my newest book baby, Chasing Time: Bonded Souls Book One, has a birthday! And honestly, I know how elephants feel, because I've had this book brewing for 8 years. Elephants have a 18 to22 months pregnancy. Hell NO. But it's here, It's live, and I'm so danged proud of it! 

I started writing this as a challenge in the Goodreads Erotic Enchants group in 2013. It was supposed to be a short story, dark, probably non-con. The title was "Alone" for eons. But none of that  happened, because I don't write short, dark, or non-con. It's a nice, juicy book at 113,000 words. It's angsty and conflicted but not dark, and there's no non-con. It's not erotic (steamy, yes.) It's a time travel, but it's not your mama's time travel! 

Even better, it's a series. Don't be afraid...I'll finish it. Book 2, Freezing Time, is written and edited, and Book 3, Making Time is almost complete. I plan on at least 5 books but I might have more! 

So what is Chasing Time??? 

When a spunky bookseller meets the literal man of her dreams, she’s afraid to admit she desires the sexy author…until he hints at a history that links them. Little does she know, she’s in for an adventure that will span centuries and could end in love…or tragedy.

💙 A spunky heroine who has given up on men.
💛 A determined, cinnamon roll hero driven to regain her love.
💚 A jump through time that could save them both...or destroy them.

The cover is stunning! Thanks to Diana Carlile for her magical touch. Authors, run to her blog to see her other creations and book her talent! 

Here's the real blurb! 

Skye Worthington’s quest for family brings more trouble than she bargained for…

My already turbulent life flips upside down the moment Marek Young appears. Nightmares from a childhood jumping between foster homes edge into sexy dreams of a man in leather pants with a simmering magical touch. As Marek is an important client at the bookstore where I work, I can’t say no when he asks me to dinner. I didn’t expect the pull of desire or the sizzle of familiar energy the first time we touched, but I need more than satisfaction. I need the truth. Yet the truth he offers seems too bizarre to believe…

One fated jump through time destroyed Marek Young’s life…

I have only one mission—make my wife love me again. Except the aloof bookstore clerk and grad student has no recollection of me. An emergency jump through time left Skye to grow up in this era with no memory of our adventures...or me. Unfortunately, she’s always had a temper. My time is running out, but if she discovers what I did to strand us here, she’ll kill me anyway.

Chasing Time is the first book in the exciting Bonded Souls series. This is gut-wrenching, second chance romance with a spark of magic by Mia Downing. Jump into this magical new world today!

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My gorgeous cover flat by Diana Carlile! 

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