Friday, March 26, 2021

#5SentenceFriday Heated Kiss Scene! #ChasingTime


Here again to celebrate Five Sentence Friday! Here's a snipped of a heated kiss scene from Chasing Time, book 1 Bonded Souls series. Let me set the scene... They're cozied up on Marek's bow window seat as a storm rages outside. One kiss leads to a second, and that leads to... 

As Marek's lips claimed mine, his arm wrapped around me, his large hand splayed on my back. Instant arousal flashed over my skin, his gentle seduction dampening my panties. With a tug on my leg, he had me straddle his firm thighs, so I was on top. Before I could protest, he deepened the kiss, his tongue darting between my lips, begging me to part.

I groaned and opened my mouth to his. 

What do you think? The scene was so fun to write, and I hope you'll enjoy reading the whole thing when it comes out!

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Until next time! 


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