Sunday, January 20, 2013

Impulsive #SundaySix Sentences from Mia Downing

Aww, only two Six Sentence Sundays left! 

I've been busy with family stuff and have been sick since the New Year, so I'm sorry for neglecting the blog. I decided to jump back in to better blogging with a Six Sentence selection from Spy Games: Lethal Limits to celebrate the release at The Wild Rose Press and Barnes and Noble as well as other distribution sites. 

This selection was chosen by Jake's biggest fan, Kim! Enjoy! 

The set-up: Jake and Tia are spies, and friends with benefits. They've been sent for a bit of R&R, so they're playing a game of twenty questions to get to know each other better outside of the bedroom. Tia has just asked what Jake's best asset is, and he believes it's his impulsive streak. 

Six Sentences from Spy Games: Lethal Limits 

Tia: “Impulsive gets you killed.” 

Jake: “Impulsive got you a weekend leave with a man bent on giving you proper orgasms. I would think you’d be on my side.”

The heat of a blush crept to her cheeks, and Tia ducked her head to hide behind the veil of her hair. The last time she’d blushed was probably at fifteen. “I guess when you put it that way…”

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Jess Schira said...

I love their different takes on the same word. Hope you're feeling better!

Unknown said...

I absolutely love that quote! Oh, Jake. {sigh}. Thanks for using my suggestion, Mia! <3

Anonymous said...

Mmm, can't wait to read this one next! :) Great six.

Lee said...

I'll be starting the series soooooon! Maybe tomorrow! I think I brought the cord to put it onto my Kindle with! LOL

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