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Dina Redmon And To Speak of it Again #Womensfiction #contest

Today we have an interview with Dina Redmon. She's chatting about “To Speak of it Again”, her first novel that is based on her life story. She's giving away a super surprise swag pack and 2 e-books, so stay tuned to enter! 



Interview questions for Dina Redmon…

Quick round:

Coffee, tea or…what’s your vice?
 I’m a water fiend! As long as the water has been heated and pressed through ground up beans.

Favorite Movie:
The 1962 amazingly epic film “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane”!!! THE RAT!!!

Favorite Color:
I know before I even type this there are people who will tell me it’s not a color. It happens almost every time. BUT…my favorite color is white.

Favorite book/author:
The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne  

How do you feel about bacon?
No words are necessary when people share the same perpetual hunger for bacon. Mmmm…bacon.

The REAL questions…
Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m just me and me, just like the weather, changes from moment to moment. There is a basic/underlying, always there person though, I guess. Wait, do I sound as crazy as I think I do? Shit…did it again. I’m just your basic chick here. I procrastinate until I can’t any longer. My personal philosophy is “It’s never too late to do your hair and/or make-up. Sometimes we just want to feel pretty, damnit!!” (Though honestly, I seldom wear it during the day.) Oh, and I bake the best damned homemade bread EVER!

What’s under your bed?
There’s a duffle bag containing a tarp, rope, combination hatchet/shovel tool, duct tape and a sleeping bag. I like to be prepared to go last minute camping. *wink* Really? Nothing. I just moved so for the next month or so, things will be spotless…but give it a while and it’ll be full of junk I thought I needed at one time.

What comes first, plot or characters?
Depends. I know…I know. In this case, it’s not just a generic answer though. Sometimes I’m intrigued with someone’s story, or maybe even my own, and a storyline develops from it. There are other times I will hear or see something that makes me think of a character and I form a story around that person. So…what comes first? Inspiration. *smile*

Pantser, plotter, or hybrid? Tell us about your writing process.
Again, I find it difficult to give a one word answer because I am not really any of it…including the hybrid. Well, maybe? Okay, so as stated in the last answer, I am inspired by things I experience in life and either a character or storyline is developed from that, at least somewhat. Plotter? Maybe. I tend to make a lot of nonsensical notes that I never refer to. Panster? A little. I tend to just write from the hip. Kind of like what I’m doing here. I hope that made sense.

Oddest thing on your desk?
I’m torn between the bottle of diluted green soap leftover from the last tattoo I did and the hot glue gun I just used in a project. Or maybe it’s the white button that mysteriously appeared on the kitchen floor today. I’m sure it was left by the spirit of someone who died in here… I promise. I’m not as crazy as it sounds. *wink and nervous smile*

What’s your most interesting writing quirk?
I have the same habit when I write as I do with any other form of art I create. I must…I mean MUST have gum or Tic Tacs in my mouth.

What’s your favorite thing about the genre you write in?
It’s real. Everything I write is at least in part based on my own life or that of the people I’ve met along my journeys.

What is the hardest thing about being an author?
Knowing when to stop and as you can see, I’m not very good at it. *wink*

What’s the easiest thing about being an author?
Getting started. When inspiration hits me, I am willed to write.

What do you wish someone had asked you for an interview question? Here’s your chance to get the soap box out!

You forgot to ask what my favorite part of being an author is… It’s the readers. I love…abso-freaking-lutely LOVE the interaction with the fans. Soapbox? No need this time. I think every once in a while, we just need to have some fun.

Tell us about your latest release!
It’s a story about our ability to adapt while discovering our own strengths through the things that make us feel weak.

Blurb for “To Speak of it Again”

We all have a story. This is mine…

After tragedy struck our neighborhood, my family and I packed up and moved from our little city home in California to the backwoods of Minnesota. Even at the young age of six, I noticed my surroundings weren’t the only thing that changed.

I learned what fear was. I was scared of the unknown, frightened of failing and terrified of my father coming home.

I thought I escaped it.

Old habits die hard and I continued to live in that fear as an adult. Childhood memories haunted my every step, thought and action. I lived for other’s happiness, denying my own…until I just couldn’t deny it any longer.

I finally escaped.

Hi, I’m Maggie Reed and I’m a survivor.


Excerpt for “To Speak of it Again”

I hope that as you read my story, you’ll discover I’m a hopeless romantic. I believe in a white picket fence kind of love. You know, the kind of love we read about in romance books. The type of love that is played out on the big screen when the actress is scooped up, kissed and her foot pops off the floor. I dream of the kind of love that is sung about in real love songs and the love that is promised in the fairy tales read to us as we fade away to dreamland.

I feel there’s a difference between falling in love and loving someone. Falling in love is a chemical reaction in our brains to the newness of meeting someone who causes you to feel butterflies in your stomach. It’s the adult equivalent of having a crush. Loving someone is a conscious decision we make. I believe we choose who we’re going to love and how we’re going to love them. Real love is about forgiveness and knowing yourselves so completely you’re able to trust in the love you have for one another. It’s a promise to wake up every morning and fall in love all over again. When it’s real, you live and thrive in that promise.

More about Dina Redmon

Dina Redmon is a novelist specializing in coming of age and romance/erotica books. She uses her life experiences for inspiration in her writing and has a unique style as she tends to write as though she is having a conversation with her readers.

One of Dina's greatest passions is art and she feels that beauty can be found everywhere. She has many hobbies which include cooking, baking, crocheting, sculpting, painting and tattooing. Though she has many hobbies, writing is her favorite.

Dina's love of the written word goes back to her earliest memories. She cannot recall a time when she didn't have a pen or pencil in her hand. This love has inspired her to keep journals throughout her lifetime and she keeps them close at hand for constant insight and motivation.

Her love of art is second only to her love for children. She has been both a foster parent and a teacher. Dina taught art and life skills classes at the Boy's and Girl's club and maintains contact with not only her foster children but many of her students as well. Through the time spent with these children, they have become a large part of who she is and she loves each of them as though they were her own.

Her free-spirit and gypsy's heart has carried her on countless adventures for many of her adult years. She has lived all over the United States but is now settled in Upstate New York and is enjoying the quieter side of life.

Connect with Dina Redmon on the Web!



Contest Details!

I would like to give one commenter a PDF of each of my two books and a swag pack! So leave a comment! 


Thanks for stopping by (and commenting.) 


Unknown said...

Well you are one funny lady.

Author Dina Redmon said...

HA! Thanks Jacquelyn! :)

Unknown said...

I have nothing to say other than I love you, you crazy lady!!!

Author Dina Redmon said...

Thanks Emily! I absolutely adore you!!! <3

Anna Freole said...

Your work is what made me want to start reading again.

Author Dina Redmon said...

You're a sweetheart Anna. Thank you <3

Unknown said...

I will ask you something that is in everyone's mind. How did you cope with everything that has happened to you? You have been thru more than anyone deserves. You are everyone's inspiration.

Author Dina Redmon said...

Well Jacquelyn, let's remember that this story is fiction and only BASED on my life story. BUT I've asked myself the same question and the only answer I can come up with is "because I had to." People do it every day unknowingly...they cope, survive...LIVE! <3

Jamie Lake said...

Great post! It's interesting to see interviews with authors. What was it like to interview Dina? It must have been exciting.

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